How Much Does It Cost To Clean My Windows?


If you’ve had your windows cleaned before, you know that amazing feeling.

Crystal-clear windows that shine bright when the sun beams at them is a majestic sight to behold.

Nothing makes your home look and feel refreshing and luxurious at the same time.

Now that we’ve entranced you with how awesome clean windows can be, let’s talk facts and numbers.

As top rated window cleaning company in Austin TX, we believe transparent pricing is an important discussion for our audience.

So, how much does it cost to clean your windows?

Is it expensive, inexpensive, or somewhere in the middle?

Window cleaning isn’t as simple as taking a towel and squeegee and going to town. You won’t achieve that look and feel that we’ve described in the beginning if you’re cleaning it that way. A lot of elbow grease and time are the key ingredients to getting those perfect crystal-clear windows and longer-lasting results.

We’ll dig deep and cover every topic that makes up the cost of window cleaning.

Our hope is for you to have a realistic cost of window cleaning and budget for your next project.

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how much does window cleaning cost?


Is Window Cleaning Cost Often For Both Inside And Outside Windows With Tracks and Screens Included?

Most window cleaning companies separate the cleaning cost for inside, outside, tracks, and screens.

Some companies give a total for everything.

The advantage of the separation in cost allows the customers to customize their estimate.

When it comes to window cleaning, the cost is often separated into:

  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Screen Removal
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Screen Reinstallation
  • Exterior Window Tracks Cleaning
  • Interior Window Tracks Cleaning

We would recommend requesting an estimate for line by line items to know what’s included.

Moving forward through this article, we will use the term “per window per side” to know that the cost are separate.

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Window cleaning pricing


Two Categories Of Window Cleaning Cost:

Two categories of pricing to keep in mind for window cleaning are:

  • Will this be a first-time clean?
  • Will this be a maintenance clean?

Category 1: First Time Clean

First time clean, like how it sounds is “cleaning the windows for the first time.” Windows that fit into the category of a first-time clean will cost more.

Why is that? Because it is much more labor intensive and requires a different process to achieve the level of cleanliness of a professional clean.

The range for a first-time clean is between $10 – $18 per window per side. (May vary depending on your area)

Category 2: Maintenance Clean

Maintenance is maintaining the level of cleanliness of those windows year-round. The cost of maintenance is much lower, but you do it more often.

The value of maintenance cleaning is the automation of your window cleaning. You’ll never have to think about window cleaning ever again. Relax and enjoy the tranquility and peace that clean windows will bring to your home.

The range for a maintenance clean is often $6 – $12 per window per side. (May vary depending on your area)

first time window cleaning and maintenance window cleaning cost


Various Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Window Cleaning

Window cleaning prices depend on many factors because all homes are uniquely designed. Not to mention there are many different types and styles of windows.

All this plays a large factor in the cost range.

NOTE: Moving forward with the article we will be discussing the price based on a first time clean.

Here’s a main list of factors that play into the cost of professional window cleaning.

  • How many windows do you have counted?
  • How long ago were the windows cleaned?
  • What kind of windows do you have and how are they counted
  • What kind of screens are covering the windows?
  • What sort of stains are on the windows?
  • Where the windows are located and how difficult it is to get to.
  • What country, part of the country, and city are you in?

As a professional window cleaning company, these are things we consider when giving estimates for window cleaning.

Let’s go into detail about each factor and how they all add up to the cost of window cleaning.

1.) How Many Windows Do You Have Counted + Any Screens + Tracks?

First off, the cost of cleaning windows is most accurate when you are counting up how many windows you have.

It is also important to note that not all companies count windows the same way. Some may count An entire frame regardless of it being two windows in one frame as one windows. The difference is they may add it as a cost of two windows.

To be more accurate with your window count, it is best to use a standard double-hung window as your base.

One double-hung window is counted as one window.

Two double-hung windows inside of one frame close by one another is considered 2 windows.

Large casement windows are often counted as 2-4 windows depending on how large they are.

Once you get a total count of how many windows you have, multiply it by how much it will cost to clean a window.

Consider if the window will be

  • A first time clean. Ranging from $10 – $18 per window per side.
  • A Maintenance clean. Ranging from $7 – $12 per window per side.
  • How many screens need to me remove, clean, and reinstalled? Ranging from $3-$10 per screens.
  • How many tracks, do they need cleaning? Ranging from $2-$6 per track.

Quick Example Of A First Time Window Cleaning Cost Breakdown:

There are 15 windows around your house, 10 screens, and 10 tracks does need cleaning but not too bad.

You want both inside and outside done.

– 15 windows for outside first time clean x $12 = $180 for the exterior.

– 15 window for inside first time clean x $12 = $180 for the interior.

– 10 normal bottom screens removal, clean, and reinstall x $6 = $60 for removing the screens, cleaning them, and putting them back on.

– 10 tracks lightly clean inside and out $4 = $40 per tracks in and out.

Your total would be $460 for everything on a first time clean.

With all the cost separated and calculated, you can customize to fit your budget.

Counting how many windows to find the cost to clean each windows

2.) How Long Ago Were The Windows Cleaned?

Windows will get dirty and grimy again after a year and a half or two. But they won’t be as bad as windows that have never been cleaned in 3+ years.

The dirtier the windows the more labor-intensive it will be.

When windows have not been cleaned for a year and a half will fall into the category of a First Time Clean.

Removing grime, water stains, and dust accumulation requires elbow grease.

How clean do you want your windows to be?

There are different levels of cleaning, and flawless yet lasting results will must a bit more work.

It is up to you.

Check out how often should you clean your windows.

Dirty windows can go up to $12-$18 per window per side.

when was the last time you clean your windows to determine window cleaning cost

3.) What Kind Of Windows Do You Have And How They’re Counted?

There are many different types of windows and to clean each type can vary in cost.

The three most common windows:

  • Standard Double Hung Windows (Vertical and Horizontal Slide).
  • French or Sash Windows With Exterior Grids.
  • Casement Windows (Modern Homes)
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Storm Windows

These are the usual windows you’d find on 90% of homes.

Standard Double Hung Windows Cleaning Cost:

Standard double hung are counted as 1 window and are usually $8-$15 per window per side.

French or Sash Windows With Exterior Grids Cleaning Cost:

French or Sash Windows With Exterior Grid. These are windows that are separated into small or large individual panes. Each pane is counted as a small window or within $1 – $10 per pane. The cost to clean these types of windows is added up to be around $16 – $30 per window per side.

Casement Windows Cleaning Cost:

Do you see those modern homes with large windows? These are casement windows and the cost to clean them varies from $8 – $18 per window per side.

These windows also vary in size. Some are large and some are small. The large casement windows are often counted as 2-4 windows. So the cost to clean a really big casement window could be anywhere between $20-$50 per window per side.

Sliding Glass Doors:

Sliding glass door windows are very similar to casement windows. The difference is, that sliding glass doors, slide to enter and exit out of.

The cost to clean sliding glass doors is usually between $15 – $25 per window per side.

Storm Windows:

Storm windows are quite rare but can be found mostly in the Midwest. Storm windows are also quite complex in that there are several removal panels or glass stacked into one window unit.

Because of the complexity, storm windows are extremely difficult to set up and clean. Not to mention, each individual window panel can easily be damaged if you try to remove.

The cost to clean storm windows ranges from $35 – $85 per window.

3.) What kind of screens are covering the windows?

Window screens help protect your home from accumulating heat during the summer months. They also keep bugs out and prevent your pets from jumping out the window.

When it comes to cleaning windows. Screens must be removed to clean the windows.

There are many different window screens.

  • Sun screens cover up the entire windows.
  • These screens often have screws on them that we have to drill out before cleaning the windows. These are very difficult to do.
  • Normal double-hung screens are found at the bottom half of the double-hung windows.
  • These screens are often taken out from the outside of the house. But modern windows are designing the screens to come out from the inside of the house.
  • Pin screens that cover the entire windows. Very much like the sun screens, but they are easily removable from the outside and do not have screws.

If the window cleaners are to remove the screens, the cost is usually between $4 – $10 per screen removal.

However, homeowners can also remove the screens before the window cleaners arrive. If you’re on a tight budget, removing the screens yourself will save you a little extra.

Do know that screens have to also be cleaned if they have never been cleaned before.

When screens are not cleaned and put back on the windows, they can get the windows dirty again.

We always suggest having the screens be cleaned along with the windows.

4.) What Stains Are On The Windows?

different stains on the windows require different cleaning processes or treatments.

The types of stains that are regularly found on windows are

  • Years of grime
  • Tree saps and pollen
  • Paint overspray & glue
  • Dirt and dust accumulation
  • Spider webs
  • Hard water stains
  • Condensation in between window panes.

The more hazy and difficult it is to look out your windows means that there are a lot of these stains listed. It is also considered a first time clean if that were the case.

Paint overspray and glue can be a difficult process to clean up. Usually paint overspray is part of a post-construction clean up. The cost of this type of cleaning cost much more than a first time clean.

The cost of post-construction window cleaning ranges from $15 per window per side to $20 per window per side.

The most difficult to clean is Hard Water Stains which can be permanent.

Windows that are close to irrigation or sprinklers will cause permanent hard water stains.

To remove this type of stain requires a restorative process and chemicals to remove. The cost is between $20 per window per side to $40 per window per side.

The last type of permanent stains is condensation. Condensation on windows happens when the seal is broken in the windows and begins to fog the windows in between the two panes. This no longer becomes a cleaning service, but rather a window replacement service would be more ideal.


5.) Cleaning Difficulties & Obstructions:

Some windows can be difficult to get to because of

  • the landscape or obstacles in the way such as surround trees. due to these difficulties you may see a slight increase in the cost.
  • Workers conflicting and getting in the way. Cleaning windows while other project are going on can make it extremely difficult.
  • Animals conflicting and getting in the way. Animals can get in the way and can make cleaning windows much more difficult.

With each added difficulty, it will make it that much longer to have your windows cleaned. The cost can increase slightly between $100-$300.

7.) What Country, Part Of The Country, And City Are You Located?

The true cost to clean your windows is heavily dependent on your location.

We gave a rough range of what you can expect and it is fairly accurate from our connection with other window cleaners all over the world.

The cost of window cleaning in your area is dependent on the cost of living.

  • What does it cost small businesses in your area to operate and generate a healthy profit margin to continue serving you?
  • The cost to pay employees direct labor and the overhead to keep the lights on?

We are all for getting the best deal, but do understand that cheap services are a risk to you the customer. Low cost often means uninsured contractors and potential for lawsuits against you in case of worker injuries.

There is a minimum when it comes to the cost of window cleaning. The minimum is between $250 – $325. Expect to pay at least this much when working with a professional company.

*** Please take into consideration of insurances when working with a window cleaning company. ***

How Much Does It Cost For Window Cleaning Breakdown

Window cleaning is the most inexpensive maintenance service. It can even be much more affordable than your lawn care service.

First time window cleaning are often around $500 – $1500.

$500 – $1800 / 12 months of clean windows = $42 – $150 per month.

The average lawn service is between $50 – $190 per month.

We believe caring for your windows should be as important as a fresh cut lawn.

The value are nearly identical.

We’d go as far as to say window cleaning, you’d enjoy much more. Gain mental clarity when you look out your crystal clear windows with a beautiful view.

You may also be interested in other exterior cleaning services such as house washing, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning. These services are also property maintenance and help protect/increase the value of your property.


The Level Of Service You’d Want Provided To You

Now that you know the factors and rough cost for window cleaning, you want to ask yourself,

“What level of service do I want provided to me?”

Should you go with the highest cost?

Will the highest window cleaning cost mean I am getting a superior service?

Cost is just one factor of the level of service you will receive. Check out our article here to choose the right contractor to work with.

There are many other things you should be looking for such as

  • Company reputation amongst your neighbors
  • How active is the company in the community and neighborhood
  • How often do customers review their online platforms?
  • Are the licensed and insured?
  • How to the engage you when you call or request and estimate>
  • Do they educate you?
  • A they honest and upfront with their pricing?

To keep on topic, it costs to provide a high level of service when it comes to window cleaning.

Paying employees well will make sure good people are cleaning your windows.

Paying for all insurance coverage so you the customer are not held liable.

Creating a local presence in your city so you know about the company does add up the cost.

We want to say that you shouldn’t look for the cheapest option nor do you want to be taken advantage of.

You must do your due diligence and make the right decision by correlating the value a company provides and does it match up to how much it costs to clean your windows.



We hope this article has helped you calculate and estimate the cost for window cleaning.

Window cleaning is an excellent service to add for you home maintenance.

The cost of clean windows is equivalent to cutting your grass.

Here at Full Color Cleaners, we seek to educate others on our industry and help them make the best decisions.

If you’re in Austin TX and in need of a professional window cleaning service, give Full Color Cleaners a call today!


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