How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?


First off, you are making a mistake by pressure washing your house! We do not recommend pressure washing at all when it comes to the surface of a house.

Pressure washing your house should be the last possible solution. The more appropriate way to “pressure wash your house” is to soft wash it.

Check out this article on pressure washing vs. soft washing to learn more.

Because most homeowners ask the question, “How often do I get my house pressure washed?”  We will stick to using the phrase “pressure wash”, but do know we recommend soft washing above all else. The reason is your siding, soffits, wood trims, and paint are all delicate. Pressure washing can do more damage than cleaning.

Now that we’ve stressed the importance of not pressure washing, let’s stay on topic.

How often should you have your house pressure washed?

It short answer is once a year! The long answer is it depends.

There are many factors that can determine how often your house needs to be washed.


Factor 1: Is Your House Surrounded By Trees?

One of the biggest indicators that your house will need to be washed more often is if it’s surrounded by trees.

More trees mean more shade, pollen, and insects.

If you don’t know, here in Austin TX we get a lot of humid weather. That humid weather creates a lot of moisture in the air.

When hot air mixes with moisture and a lot of shade, you get a lot of organic growth. What we mean by organic growth from bacteria and funguses. This organic matter grows onto your house’s siding, roof, and driveway.

How you can detect the growth when you see green and dark stains on your house.

Trees Also Are Home To Lots Of Insects

Have you noticed the crazy amount of cobwebs that accumulate every year?

You can use a cobweb duster and try to reach them, but there are some that are very hard to reach.

If you manage to blast them off with a garden hose, it won’t be too long until they come back.

You need to treat it at the root. That’s with house washing. House washing will wash away spiders and other insects that are hiding in the crevasses of your home. We need to get rid of the source that’s making these cobwebs, not just the cobwebs themselves.

Other types of stains are insect droppings on your siding.

Trees Also Release Pollen And Other Spores

Trees often release a lot of pollen, spores, and other droppings during the spring season. What the trees are releasing can get onto your property and cover it in a yellow or dusty coat.

Wind may blow away a small layer of it, but you will need the house to be washed for it to all come off.

Now, we at Full Color love trees and are in no way trying to sound like we’re tree haters. But if you live near and close to trees, you will need to get your house washed at least once every year.


Factor 2: The Weather & Temperature

Austin Texas can get quite hot, rainy, and humid every year. This is a huge factor in how often you need to wash your house.

We mentioned shade, mix with moisture, and humidity a while ago. These conditions create the perfect environment for bacteria and funguses to grow.

Every year in Austin TX we have the same weather pattern and it speeds up the growth of the organic matter. Your house every year will have a thin layer of algae growth on it.

The reason algae loves growing on your house is that the material your house is made of is. The material is food to them and they are able to thrive.

Left untreated over a period of time will give these bacteria and funguses time to grow. Eventually, they will make your house look very unwelcoming.


It Is Recommended That You Get Your House Pressure Washed At Least Once If Not Twice A Year

Washing your house once a year will keep it in tip-top condition. The benefit of pressure washing at least once a year will be easier and save you more money.

Waiting until everything gets out of hand makes it much more difficult to clean and costs more.

Just like your car, you wouldn’t want to drive around with a dirty exterior. Then why would you allow your house to look dirty in the neighborhood?

Get it done every year and get it knocked off your spring cleaning to-do list. Just give Full Color Cleaners a call if you need a pressure washing service in Austin TX and we’ll be more than happy to help you maintain your beautiful home. Your home is your biggest investment and we are here to care it for you!



Washing your house is a yearly thing. It’s proper property maintenance. Your property will last much longer and sparkle throughout the neighborhood.

If you’re ready to get your home washed the right way, give the Full Color Cleaners team a call today!

We hope this article was helpful to you so you can make better and more informed decisions.

Until next time!


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