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Why Choose Our Team For Your Next Pressure Washing Project?

One of Austin, TX’s beautiful neighborhoods is Tarrytown. Located next to Lake Austin and Lady Bird Lake and filled with oak trees makes it an awesome area to live for the scenery and feel.  

Although Tarrytown is beautiful, all of the trees, shade, water, and weather creates the perfect environment for the exterior of any property to get dirty really fast. 

Here are some things you may notice when you walk outside to view the exterior of your home:

  • Patches or complete covering of exterior siding with green and black colored stains. Seeing green and black colored stains is usually a clear indication of mold or mildew growth. We would recommend a proper house wash as the solution to this issue.
  • Leaves falling from oak trees and filling up gutter channels, eventually clogging the downspouts. Our solution for this is to have your gutters cleaned at least 2 times a year, and install downspouts filters to keep the leaves from clogging up where excessive water needs to exit.
  • Dust, tree oil, and saps covering up the windows. Windows gives your home the natural light to make everything look and feel new. If you’ve feel like your home has been dark and gloomy lately, look into getting your windows cleaned.


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Before & Afters

pressure washing tarrytown tx in Austin, TX before picture of stone stairspressure washing tarrytown tx in Austin, TX after picture of stone stairs
pressure washing tarrytown austin TXpower washing in tarrytown tx after photos
power washing in tarrytown tx before photospower washing in tarrytown tx after photos
pressure washing tarrytown austin TX beforepressure washing tarrytown austin TX after
before photo of a pressure washing project in Austin TXpressure washing Austin TX after photo
Before resultsAfter results from pressure washing in Austin TX

Why Choose Us As Your Tarrytown Pressure Washing Company

The pressure washing service provided here at Full Color Cleaners aims to give your flat and hard surfaces a thorough and professional cleaning. Depending on the severity of the surface and how dirty it is, our pressure washing service is a careful process that helps identify the type of stains on your property and what would be the best way to clean it. 

If you’re a homeowner, you most likely own your own pressure washer from Amazon or Home Depo, and have tried to do it yourself with not so great result or just ok results. Maybe you actually got amazing results, but it’s not always the case. 

Whenever one of our professionals come visit to give an estimate for window cleaning or gutter cleaning we can spot when someone had made an effort to pressure wash or power wash their own driveway.  

We have a keen eye for exterior cleaning and it gives us the chills whenever we see a DIY power-washed surface.

Pressure Washing in Tarrytown TX

Your effort was probably not as bad as the picture above. A proper pressure washing job should leave your surface looking brand new with absolutely no squiggly lines, circular marks, or stipes. 

Here at Full Color Cleaners, we provide quality and double check to make sure the work is done right and follow up with you for a happiness check. 

Don’t settle for less when it comes to pressure washing in Austin. Contact Full Color Cleaners at (512) 883-2807.


Phase 1

The Preparation

Preparation of our flat surface pressure washing starts with treatment. Most residential driveway, pool area, deck, and walkways are covered in mold, mildew, and algae. These organic matter spread easily and are the most common types of stains that are present. With our treatment, it kills and lifts the dead organic matter/dirt all to the surface. This is when we can also begin to see stains are hidden underneath, which are commonly rust stains.

Phase 2

Solution Application

Once we've allowed the treatment to do its work, our professionals can properly pressure wash the surface to give it an even clean look. We use professional grade equipment to get the job done fast and efficient. Our professionals are trained to know what pressure works best on what types of surfaces to avoid any damages or poor results. We are obsessed with making your property look the best!

Phase 3

Your Sparkling Clean Property

After we've treated and professionally pressure wash the surface, we do a final pressure rinse to push away the washed up stains, debris, and dirt. Most people don't know it, but when you've just pressure washed your flat surface you need to make sure all the dirt and dead organic matter doesn't dry up and get burried underneath the flat surface again. If you don't do a final rinse, you will have to pressure wash it again, you'll be doing double the work.


Customer Service Based

From when you call into the completion of the project, we want you to have an amazing experience. We focus on communication, quality of service, and following up to make sure you’re happy with our service.

Stand By Our Work 110%

If our team didn’t do it right, we’ll come back and fix it for you. Our professionals are trained to provide excellence in all they do. Not just that but everyone in our team takes ownership and has pride in their work and position within the company. You will only work with the best of what we have to offer.

Fast & Quality

We are always on top of the latest technology and seek to improve. Our office team and field team knows quality. We answer the phone quickly and get back to you quickly. Our field team when on your property services you with a smile, value your time and make your home sparkle!