Popular Questions From Our Clients

The F.A.Q That Gets Your Questions Answered

We are fully insured and bonded. Our insurance is tailored specifically to our industry and services and covers what most basic insurances don’t. We protect our employees and clients making the doing business with us easy and no headaches. Our provider includes care and custody which means it will actually cover for the damages when you hire us and something happens. When you hire our team we are temporarily responsible for that property and any damages is covered. Most insurance companies exclude this from their General Liability, thus leaving the homeowner and the company in a huge mess in case something happens. Our team members are trained and vetted to mitigate anything from happening. We focus on excellence and do not take on jobs out of our scope. We will happily point you in the right direction to getting the right solution for you!

The exterior cleaning services we provide to out clients are:

  • Roof (Mold Removal) Cleaning
  • Exterior House Washing
  • Pressure Washing & Power Washing (Pressure washing and power washing the same thing, everyone prefers one over the other)
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning

We service all of Austin, TX and nearby cities.

Our Popular areas we service to in Austin, TX:

  1.  Crestview
  2. Allendale
  3. Hyde Park
  4. Brentwood
  5. Cherrywood
  6. Rosewood
  7. Northwest Hills
  8. Tarrytown
  9. Westlake Hills
  10. Rollingwood
  11. All of South Austin
Nearby cities we service to:
  1. Round Rock
  2. Pflugerville
  3. Cedar Park
  4. Hutto
  5. Leander
  6. Georgetown
  7. Bee Cave

Although we’d love for our clients to know exactly how far we’re booked out, here are some rough estimates. If you’d like to know exactly, please give us a call and we’ll see how we can fit you in!

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • We are usually booked out 0-1 week in advance during slower months of January – February.
  • We are usually booked out in 2-3 weeks in advance during the busy seasons from March – June.
  • We are usually booked out 0-1 week in advance during July –  September on our slower months.
  • We are usually booked out 2 weeks in advance during Holiday seasons from October – December for Holiday Light Installation.

You can get an estimate by simply filing out our contact form in every service page and location page on our website. A representative will give you a call within 6-12 hours to get information needed to provide you with a customized estimate for your home and specific service requests.

Or you can call us at 512-883-2807 and friendly representative will answer your call and gather the information needed for us to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Yes we do!

We are a full service exterior cleaning company that aims to completely take care of our customer’s home and saving them time. 

When you have our representative out to greet and take a look at your property, he or she can draft up a custom quote for you and get you a package that’s tailored to your needs.

Our tiers of packaging helps you save more and get more done:

  • Gold Standard Package
  • Deluxe Package
  • Premium Package
Yes we do provide gutter cleaning in Austin, TX. We also provide gutter cleaning to all cities within the Travis County and Williamson County.

The F.A.Q For House Washing

House washing is cleaning the sidings of your home. Many clients come to use requesting to get their sidings pressure or power washed, but that’s not a very good way to clean your sidings.

Pressure washing or power washing is great for cleaning driveways, walkways, porches, patios, parking lots, and pool areas. Any flat ground surface is great for pressure washing. 

As for the sidings and walls of your home, it’s not the best decision to use strong pressure to clean it. A house wash uses an eco-friendly biodegradable soap mixture that’s pet and plant friendly to effectively eliminate mold. mildew, algae, lichen and more. If pressure does need to be used it’s very light and won’t do any damage.

Another term people use for house washing is soft washing. 

We charge by the sqft of the house and offer premium packages. As for pressure washing siding, we opt for a much more effect and less damaging way of cleaning sidings. We clean your siding using a soft wash method that utilizes the best equipment and soaps to eliminate organic growth. You’ll have a much cleaner siding for a much longer period of time as compared to pressure washing. Also soft washing, also known as, house washing uses no pressure and do no damage to your siding.

If your siding is covered in web, dirt, lots of algae, mold, mildew, or lichen, you may want to consider the option of getting a proper house wash.

We like to think of a house wash as giving your home a “bubble bath” or a nice refreshing shower.

The dirt and grime that builds up over time makes it easy for algae, mold, mildew, and lichen to grow over time and spread  throughout your entire home. These organic matter can spread underneath and spread throughout the foundation as well.

Dirt, spider web,  grime, mold, algae, mildew, and lichen can make your home look old and about to be broken down. 

With a house wash you can instantly make your home look new. 

This is especially important if:

  • You’re planning on putting your home on the market.
  • Make your home look much more presentable around your neighborhood.
  • Make your home more presentable for guests and visitors.
  • Maintaining your home so it’ll lasts for decades. 
  • Save you money from expensive repairs and replacements. 

House washing uses a biodegradable soap mixture that’s pet and plant safe rather than using high pressure to clean the sidings, eaves, soffit, fascia, and the exterior of the gutter. The soap mixture is applied throughout the house to dig deep down into the roots of where the growth is happening. Sometimes the root of the growth could be coming from crevasses and hard tight openings. The soap mixture can easily get into these tight areas without a problem and effectively eliminate the root cause without using any high pressure that can cause paint and wood chipping to occur.

When you use high pressure washing to clean the sidings, you can’t effectively cut off the root cause of the fungal growth happening throughout your home. Because the root of the growth is not eliminated, the house will soon be covered again with the same layers of dirt, grime, mold, algae, mildew, and lichen.

We always recommend the best value that’s much more safe and economical for your home. 


Soft Washing is another term people use for house washing. It is the same thing. 

The chemicals and soap are pet and plant safe. Our professionals are trained and certified know how to handle your home with care. We also water the plants and floor to further dilute everything to zero. 

  • For a small sized houses around 1,500 sqft – 2,000 sqft, it can take up to 45 minutes to an hour hours depending on the architectural design and obstacles to getting around to certain areas.
  • For a medium sized houses around 2,500 sqft – 2,900 sqft it can take up to 1-2 hours depending on the architectural design and obstacles to getting around to certain areas.
  • For a large sized houses around 3,000 sqft – 3,900 sqft it can take up to 2-3 hours depending on the architectural design and obstacles to getting around to certain areas.
  • For very large size houses around 4,000 sqft and up it can take anywhere around 2.5-4 hours or longer depending on the architectural design and obstacles to getting around to certain areas.

After getting your quote and scheduling a prefer date that works for you here’s what to expect:

  •  Our crew will send out an early text message to let you know they’re on their way. The text message will include
    • Picture of the friendly technician who will arrive at your home.
    • A small map navigator that let’s you see in real time where the technician is at as he/she drives to your home. You’ll know exactly when they’ve arrived before even ringing the doorbell. 
  • The lead technician will ring your doorbell to greet you and let you know they’ve arrived and ready to get started. They’ll ask if you have any questions, concerns, or requests before they get started and address it all there and then.
  • As the crew leader talks to the customer, the crew members sets up the property for the house washing by going through a safety checklist:
    • The 1st crew member will:
      • Make sure all doors and windows are properly and tightly closed.
      • Walk around the property to tape up all electrical outlets with electrical tape.
      •  Cover up all electronics with plastic bags with electrical tape.
      • Set up ladders for hard to reach areas.
    • The 2nd crew member’s responsibility:
      • Connecting everything to the water source and begin water plants throughout the entire process.
  • The crew members will start the application of the soap throughout the home and make sure to get all areas:
    • All sidings
    • Ceilings
    • Fascia
    • Soffits
    • Eaves
    • Wood Trims
    • Window Frames
    • Exterior of gutters
  • Final Rinse of the entire home with water for a final finish.
  • After everything is done, the crew leader will let, you, the homeowner know and walk around to discuss the final results.
  • Once you are pleased with the results and ready to pay, we make it effortless by using a quick card reader that’ll get the payment done within a matter of seconds.
  • We keep in contact with you and check up on you to make sure your experience was phenomenal! 
  • We also clean the exterior windows afterwards and recommend that you should and it’s actually in one of our high value packages you can choose from. Here’s a brief article explaining why you should wash your windows right after pressure washing or soft washing your siding

Our price varies from home to home. Not all homes are built the same, with different materials and there maybe difficult areas to reach.

We can however give you a ball park range based on sqft.

House washing for different types of material that the house is made of:

  • Stones: For houses made of stones and brick, we usually charge about $0.28 – $0.35 cents per sqft. 
  • Stucco: For houses made of stucco our price is $0.28 – $0.35 center per sqft.
  • Hardy board: For houses made of hardy board, we usually charge around $0.22 – $0.28 cents per sqft.
  • Vinyl: For houses made of Vinyl, we usually charge around $0.22 – $0.28 cents per sqft.
This gives you a base range of the price. The price may vary depending on a mixture of the house material such as some houses have both brick and vinyl, and difficult to reach areas.

The price may also be affected by how dirty the house is. A house that has not been cleaned in years and has layer upon layers of mold and algae may need more chemicals to effectively clean it.

*** We also have bundle packages that’ll help you save more when you combine other services with a house washing call us for more information ***

The F.A.Q For Roof Washing

Do you have a roof that looks discolored with black marks and streaks throughout the roof? 

This is mold growing throughout your roof and it’s rapidly shortening the lifespan of your roof. Mold can spread and soften the wood that holds your roof in place. 

Most homeowners who are very conscious of their home will go replacing the roof immediately. This may not be the best decision as a quick roof wash can immediately restore the look and health of your roof. You’ll save you thousands of dollars on a roof replacement. gncf

But mold isn’t the only thing that’s growing on your roof. Algae, mildew, and lichen can also grow and begin to spread throughout your roof and further damaging and shortening the life span of your home.

With a professional’s help you can get rid of all the mold, algae, mildew, and lichen on your roof within a matter of hours. 

We use a biodegradable chemical mix with soap that’s used to get rid of the heavy organic growth happening on your roof. 

Once all is clean, you can rest assure that mold and mildew won’t be growing on your roof for at least another 2-3 years. The rate of growth depends on your location, the climate, and what your home is surrounded by.

Here in Austin, TX, we get a lot of humidity and in some areas a lot of shade and tree, which makes it a perfect environment for organic matters to grow.

With a roof wash your roof can expect your roof to maximize it’s lifespan to 25+ year. 

Roof cleaning can help prolong the life of your roof by removing mold, moss, and algae build ups. Roof cleaning is very similar to house washing as we use soaps and detergents that effectively remove any organic growth on your roof. As a result, you’ll have a roof looking good as new and extend its life for several more years, usually 3-5 years. We use no pressure washing when it come to cleaning roof as pressure can blast shingles and cause puncturing/denting on metal roofs.

For roof cleaning we use a strong mixture of our biodegradable soap mixture to get rid of the mold growth on your roof.

The soap mixture can be used for:

  • Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roofs

Roof Cleaning FAQ

Our roof cleaning chemical is much stronger than our house washing chemical and can do damage to plants and be irritable to pets if not handled by a professional.

Our technicians are trained to mitigate and avoid any damages to your property with proper 

  • techniques on applying the soap mixture.
  • properly covering watering of the plants.
  • Watering of grass areas where there are gutter downspouts.

You can pressure wash both shingle and metal roofs.

Shingle Roof:

When it comes to pressure washing a shingle roof, you won’t be able to effectively clean off all the organic growth. The root of the growth could be coming from underneath the shingles and within a few months, your roof will have growth happening all over again.

Not to mention, using high pressure to clean a shingle roof can cause tears and strip the granules of the shingles. Because of this you will damage the shingle and expose it to the elements, thus further shortening the lifespan of your shingle roof.

Metal Roof:

You can pressure wash a metal roof, but it can be difficult and dangerous because when a metal roof gets wet, it’s easy to slip. Even at a slight pitch, standing on a wet metal roof can cause you to slip off. 

Not a lot of metal roofs are flat and many have a high pitch. For pressure washing to be effective you need to be in a close contact with the surface. There is no way to get close without getting on the roof and with a high pitch metal roof that’s wet, it may not be a wise decision.

Our Recommendation:

It’s better to effectively and efficiently utilize a roof cleaning system that’s not only is handled by professionals, but also gets your roof completely clean and looking new without the headaches, damages, or injuries.

For shingle roofs and metal roof, we recommend getting it cleaned at least every 3-4 years.

Every 2-4 years you will notice some growth occurring on your roof. Of course 2 years you won’t see as much as 4 years, but having it maintain before everything gets out of hand can help make your roof last much longer. 

Generally we charge for shingle roofs anywhere from $0.40 – $0.50 cents per sqft. 

For metal roof we charge anywhere from $0.45 – $0.50 cents per sqft. 

The F.A.Q For Window Cleaning

Yes we do provide window cleaning in Austin, TX. We also provide window cleaning services to cities surrounding Austin, TX such as Tarrytown, Crestview, Allandale, Norwest Hills, North Shoal Creek, Rosewood, Mueller, Zilker, Rolling Wood, Barton Hills, Travis Heights, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Hutto, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Buda, and Dripping Springs. We pretty much provide our window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services throughout all of Travis County and Williamson County.

Our window cleaning services includes cleaning of:

  • All exterior windows
  • All interior windows
  • Cleaning of screens (If you request)
  • Cleaning of window frames
  • Cleaning of window sills
  • Cleaning of window ledges
  • Cleaning of window tracks (If you request)
The windows will be clean off of any paint, stucco, tree saps, oil, glue, stains, dust, dirt, and more.

Cleaning windows and making them look amazing is what we aim to achieve.

But how we get you the results your happy with is through our process of cleaning the windows while making our clients happy.

When we clean our customer’s windows, for first time cleaning, we clean it traditionally with a mop, bucket of soap mix, and a squeegee. We remove any paint, stucco, tree saps, tree oil, stains, dirt, dust, algae growth, and much more.

First time cleaning of the windows is difficult and will require a lot of elbow grease to remove years of accumulated debris and staining on the windows. We want to make sure we clean the windows thoroughly so that when you have us out again within a few month to a year, that we can maintain the cleanliness of the windows for you properly.

How we clean exterior windows vs interior windows:

Exterior Windows: If client’s windows have been cleaned 1-2 years prior, we will use a water fed pole to clean the exterior windows. This method uses a strong boars hair brush to scrub off all debris from frames, sills, ledges, and the windows themselves. The after the scrubbing of the windows, we use pure water that is at absolute zero parts per particle which leaves the windows spotless.

If the interior windows have not been cleaned for 3+ years, we will use a traditional approach with our mop, soap bucket, and squeegee to clean off the hard accumulated debris that are stuck onto the windows. In some cases if there is a lot of paint, we will need to scrape them off with a scrapper that’s safe for windows. Another tool we use is a fine steel metal wool #0000 to take off the hard debris, paint, and more.

  •  If our client choose not to clean the window screens, we highly suggest them to remove the windows before our technician arrive and have the windows ready for cleaning. If you’d like our technicians to remove the screens and clean them thoroughly for you, please request it in the estimate/quote.

Interior Windows: For interior windows, we will always use a mop, bucket of soap, and squeegee to clean the inside windows. This is to ensure we don’t make a mess inside. Interior windows hold many challenges as some windows may be very high and we may need a very tall ladder to reach. We will have to move furniture and work our way around things to get to the windows and be able to clean it effectively.

  •  We always suggest clients to move furniture, desks, beds, closets, and other home accessories that may be in the way so that our technicians can clean your windows effectively without tripping over all your things.
  • Lifting up the blinds completely so we can clean the windows. You don’t have to do this, we can once we’re there, it’s just something that can help speed up the process if you’re in a hurry to get the windows cleaned.

The cost depends on how long ago did you last had your windows cleaned?

How much paint, mold, algae, dirt, and debris is on the windows?

A based range for common medium sized house is 2000sqft -2,500sqft is $200 for exterior windows and 250 for interior windows, this does not include screen cleaning and tracks.

For cleaning screens we charge $4 each. For sunscreens we charge $8 each.

For tracks we charge $2-$4 depending on how dirty they are and will require more time to clean thoroughly.

Pressure washing will not clean your windows, and here at Full Color Cleaners, we do not use a pressure washer to clean windows. We use traditional window cleaning methods for first time clean to achieve the best results for our clients. For clients looking for a recurring window cleaning service, we will opt to clean their windows with our waterfed system for a spotless clean shine. For pressure washing a house, we use a soft washing method that can leave water stains on the windows. Our sales rep can help build a customize package tailored to you to keep the windows looking clean after your house wash.