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Christmas Lights Installation Austin TX

Get All Your Lights Up & Ready For The Holidays

Do you need Christmas Lights Installation In Austin TX? Spend more time wrapping presents and plan your get togethers. Leave all the grunt and back breaking of hanging christmas lights to us so you can enjoy your holiday.

stress-free Christmas Lights installation

Are You Having A Tough Time Installing Your Christmas Lights? Hire The Professionals Instead

Hanging Christmas lights is no easy task and can be dangerous if you mess up along the process.

You should spend more time decorating inside your house where it’s much safer, while handing over all the outside lights and decorations to us. 

Your safety is important to us, especially during the holidays when spending time with your family should be the ideal situation, not untangling Christmas lights and risking your life.

Holiday Lights Installation In Austin TX That Brings The Season Spirit!

Here at Full  Color Cleaners, during the holidays we slow our other cleaning services to help Austin locals set up their Christmas Lights.

When you turn on the lights, your home will shine with colors that bring joy all around your neighborhood, even the grinch can’t ignore.

Whether you need design ideas or just a quick set up before Christmas arrives, we’ve got you covered.

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Residential & Commercial lighting services

A Christmas Solution For Homeowners and Businesses

Christmas is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year. The air is filled with the spirit of joy.

Everywhere you go, from downtown to small little neighborhoods, there’s nothing but beautiful holiday lighting display that puts you in awe.

If Christmas is your special holiday, you wouldn’t want your house or business property to miss out on the perfect time to show off your explosively vibrant Christmas lights decorations.

If you’re planning to decorate your home or business venue, we’re here to help make it a spectacular sight to see.

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When your Christmas lights are all set up, there should be no broken lights, or any parts that malfunctions.

When you put up your own Christmas lights, many things can go wrong, and sometimes some lights just won’t light up and it’s a total pain to fix.

Here at Full Color Cleaners, we install your Christmas lights to work on the first set up and lasts throughout the holiday.

The reason for this is that our lights are made of professional grade and can’t be found in any local store.

If you’re tired of doing it yourself every year and want a truly professional Christmas Light installation experience, get in touch for a quick, easy, and free estimate today!

Professional Grade Christmas Light Installation In Austin

Sit back and have it all professionally done for you!

Your professional Christmas Light Installers

Why You Should Be 110% Confident With Choosing Us For Decorating Your Lights?

24/7 Fast Emergency

We’re here to assist you even after everything has been properly installed and ready to go. In any case where you’re having issues with your Christmas lights, you have us on the line 24/7 to help you fix the issues. Just give us a call and let us know what’s wrong. We’ll head over to your location to fix it all asap.

Insured & Protecting You

We want you to feel secure and confident in our services. When you work with us, you’re getting a company that’s insured to protect both parties. We take safety measured and have the best practices for putting on Christmas lights without doing any damage to your property making it easy for you to work with us. 

Quality & Reliable Solution

We only use quality materials that are have been proven to be consistently reliable. Put your worries aside that something could go wrong, or the lights won’t last long enough. The lights we’ll provide to you are of the latest LED technology. It’s made for long use and can be customized to fit your design.

Looking For A Professional Christmas Light Installation in Austin Texas?

Get your holiday decoration on a whole new level with a team of professional christmas light installers today!

Putting In Up, Maintenance, And Take Down

Your All In One Solution For A Hands-Free, Worry-Free, and Stress-Free Christmas Lights Installation In Town!

When it comes to putting up a holiday lighting display, you’ll never have any issues every again. 

It’s because we do it all from the start of setting it all up, to 24/7 maintenance, and finally taking it all down at the end.

You don’t even need to lay a single finger on the entire set up besides dialing your phone to get a quick and easy estimate with us.

One big thing with hiring us is you’ll always have brand new professional Christmas lights that works every year. The lights we have are upgraded every year too for energy efficiency and reliability. 

No longer are the days where you’ll have to go through then entire process of

  • dragging it all out the attic.
  • setting it all up, fixing certain lights that don’t work.
  • at the end of Christmas having to take it all down, and put it all back in the attic.

Make better use of you time during the holidays and enjoy it with family & friends, because it only happens once every year!

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Christmas Lights For All OF Austin & Surrounding Areas

We Help Install Lights For All Of Austin And Nearby Surrounding Areas

Austin has many other nearby towns that aren’t too far away and we can help! Whether you need Christmas lights installation in southwest Austin or north, we cover it all. 

Here is a small list of towns we service:

– Round Rock
– Pflugerville
– Cedar Park
– Hutto

If you’re in any of these cities nearby Austin, give us a call today for a fast free estimate at (512) 883-2807

1.) Your Contact For A Quick and Free Estimate:

It all starts with you filling out or form or calling for a quick free estimate. It’s quick and easy. All you have to do is give us your name and address for us to give you the best and accurate estimate.

2.) Understanding Your Design & What You Want

Your satisfaction means a lot to us. The best way for us to satisfy you is to understand exactly what it is you want. What kind of holiday lighting display you prefer such as: 

  • What colors of lights you’d like to use ?
  • How much light to use to cover your property?
  • What types of decorations would you like to add on?
We want to make sure to get every detail when it comes to getting you the best Christmas Light Installation in Austin!

Delivering The Holiday Season Spirit

The Process Of How It All Works

3.) Installation Date & Continuous Maintenance 

We’ll schedule with you a date that works best for you. We usually recommend that you get installation done a month before Christmas that way we’ll get all your holidays decoration you want to add in before Christmas arrives. Once everything is set up, we’ll be on call whenever you need for continuous maintenance ad make sure everything is working for the entire holiday season.

4.) Taking It All Down

When the holiday season is over and done, our holiday light installation service also provides cleanup and taking everything down. You’ll never have to worry about a thing. We’re here to handle every part of the process.

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