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An All Inclusive Service Custom Cut & Fitted Christmas Lights Installation in Austin TX

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Enjoy The Holidays With Your Loved Ones

Leave The Lights To US!

Hanging Christmas Lights can be quite dangerous. We’d rather you not get injured this holiday season and leave it all to our outstanding team!

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Chistmas Lights Installation

What's An Inclusive Holiday Lighting Service?

An all-inclusive holiday lighting service like ours is about you not having to climb ladders, fixing bulbs, or touching anything! The only thing you need to do is swipe your credit card and enjoy the beautiful display with your family and friends!

We will:

  • Provide you with Premium Commercial Grade LED Lights, Clips, Timers,  and Wiring.
  • The lights are custom cut to fit your home. Unlike big box store lights, we are able to customize our lights down to each individual bulb, and strand.
  • If squirrels bite on your lights or a heavy storm knocks over the lights, our team will go back even in the late evenings to fix them for you. We guarantee your lights will have no downtime throughout the holidays.
  • Guarantee take down and no mess! We hear way too many people call in telling us the company that put them on never return to take them down. You won’t get that with us, we take them down and waive the takedown fee in all of our inclusive packages.
  • Lights are stored in our well-ventilated rooms. You don’t need to find space or fill up space in your garage or attic. 
  • We are not the cheapest, but are the absolute best option for premium holiday lighting! It’ll be a memorable and excellent experience for you and your family!
Christmas Lights Installation in Austin TX


You Imagine & We Bring It To Life!

Full Color House Washing

The Difference Is Night & Day

Beautifully Lit!

lighting up an oak tree with Christmas lights mini warm white in Austin TX
Christmas Lights Installation in Austin TX
Christmas Light Installation in Austin TX

Lighting It Up!

beautiful warm white Christmas Lights decoration done by Full Color Cleaners team in Austin TX
Christmas Lights installation by Full Color Cleaners LLC in Austin TX
Christmas Lights Installation Austin TX

Beautifully Lit!

Christmas Lights Installation For House in Austin TX multi colors
Christmas Light Installation in Austin TX
Christmas Lights Installation For House in Austin TX multi colors

Lighting It Up!

Christmas Lights Installation For House in Austin TX multi colors
Christmas Lights Installation For House in Austin TX multi colors
Christmas Lights Installation For House in Austin TX multi colors


We aren’t for everyone, we are for those who ABSOLUTELY do not have time to wrestle with light strands, climb up high ladders, and fix the lights if they go out.

The worst is having to spend an entire day taking down all the lights and finding space in the attic or garage to store the lights. The attic and garage aren’t the best places to store lights either.

We believe the holidays are better off spent creating cherished memories with your loved ones because we’ll never get back these precious times.

Luckily Full Color is here to save the day with an all-inclusive service!

We’re an organized and professional premium holiday lighting company that will do it all for you. We get on top of the roofs, peaks, and trees safely to light up your home the way you envisioned it. 

You won’t have to worry about a thing as we are insured with both general liability and workers comp specifically for our premium holiday lighting division. 

Save yourself the hassle, trouble, and headache this year, and leave it to the pros. 

Christmas only happens once a year. 

Don’t put yourself at risk!

If you’re going to light up your home this year, why not go all out with the best and do it the right way?


Our lights, unlike what you buy from amazon or big box stores, are completely customizable down to the very bulbs. With the flexibility for customization, you get to choose the patterns and where exactly you’d want those patterns of lights to be. 

In comparison to the store bought lights to our customized lights, there is a huge difference in the shine factor. Your house will be the best lit up in the neighborhood! 

Christmas Lights Installation For House in Austin TX multi colors

Because our lights are completely customizable we are able to offer a warranty on all of our lights and strands. The warranty is that we would come out rain, snow, or night to come to fix your lights if any were to go out. 

The simple fact is, your lights will be on 24/7 throughout the holidays with a maintenance team that’ll be on call.

Everything is customizable and we can decorate pretty much anything you want. 

The most popular areas we light up are:

  • The rooflines and gutter lines on the house. This includes all tile, shingles, and metal rooflines.
  • We can decorate trees, bushes, and walkways.
  • Pillars and Columns
  • Gates and Metal Railings

Give us a call to discuss more  customizations.

No, we keep the lights.

The reason being is in our care, the lights will last longer. The quality are checked, repaired and replaced every single year for quality assurance. Our clients do not have the time to mess with storage or have everything in a tangle mess for next year.

If you’ve been sold the lights to, often times there are no incentive for the installers to come back and remove your lights. When the lights are ours to care for and kept in perfect condition, we come out there and remove them and that’s a guarantee.

We also waive the takedown fee when they are our lights. 

We get many calls every year with homeowners telling us “They never came back to take down our lights.”

No, we do not install the clients’ lights.  All of our lights are custom made from the bulbs, to the clips, and to the very extension cords used. They are made for each other with the best quality and performance!

In cases where the lights you’ve provided catch on fire, our insurance does not cover them. 

In cases where the lights you provide us were to have issues such as several bulbs failing, we are not able to replace or fix those bulbs. Our materials are very different from store-bought lights and can’t be mixed as there is a great potential for electrocution and fire hazards. 

These are our company’s lights, and it’s our priority to make sure they perform well when put up on your home. We take pride in our product.

If you have bought lights from another company that previously installed for you and they are unable to put up the lights for you this year, we recommend to start fresh with our lights or search for a company that can install them for you. We do not want do not want to take on that risk.

We do not install incandescent lights. 

We only install customized premium grade LED holiday lights as they are energy efficient and more effective at achieving the decorative look that requires lots of lights and customization.

Takedowns are guaranteed in the month of January. Our team will be stopping by into each neighborhood in order. We thank you for your patients as we have many lights to takedown and will get to you as quickly as we can.

Expect takedowns to be scheduled on the 1st – 15th.

We reach out to our loyal clients as early as August to get their lights scheduled for installation. 

We send out reminders and let you know that it’s that time of the year again. 

The lights that were custom cut and fitted to your home are stored with your address and name on them. You just have to let us know when you want them on again and our team will come by and have them put up in no time!

Our loyal clients get 10% off their 2nd year and an additional 10% if they get the lights on during our early bird special.

We hate it when this happens! Our clients wait too long and the amount of lights we’ve stocked up can only handle a handful of new clients every year. We book up fast and even if you’ve approve the estimate weeks later, you may not be able to secure your spot with us. 

Another issue can be because all of our crews are booked out for until December 24th and we just do not have the capacity to take on anymore. We would immediately recommend you reach out to another vendor who can, which can also be hard as there isn’t enough vendors to service everyone towards end of November.

We do recommend everyone get their lights up as early as September – October. We do understand many clients do love their Halloween decorations and the latest would be the first week of November. Anything after you will need to make very fast decisions before it gets difficult to get on schedule.

We are trained and certified by CLIPA. Every year we pay to take our entire team to learn and educate on the proper way to run a Premium Holiday Lighting service. 

We cover these topics:

  • Proper electricity 101, ladder safety, roof safety, proper insurance, and workers comp.
  • How to properly use lights and why we use premium custom cut and fitted lights. 
  • How to care for and repair lights properly to prevent hazards.
  • How to properly run a profitable Holiday Lighting Company and knowing our numbers so we can stay in business for the long run and not leave our clients hanging. We will be here to serve our clients for many years to come.
  • Officially licensed holiday lighting contractors, so you know you’re working with a professional.

If you’re looking for certainty, we aim to give you our absolute best. We reinvest in our people to provide you and our clients with reliable and consistent services.


Get Lit Up & Celebrate!

Phase 1

Consultation & Design

Phase 1 is all about getting it right and understanding how you want your lights to look. We take your vision and make it a reality. Your neighbors, friends, and family are going to be "WOWED!" when they arrive at your beautiful lit up house. More importantly, the holidays is a special time and we hope to make it memorable for everyone involved. It all starts with a simple call. What are you waiting for? Call 512-883-2807 now!

Phase 2

Installation & Maintenance

Once we've understood everything that you want to light up, we secure your installation date with a 50% deposit. The holiday light installation here in Austin TX can book up pretty fast and by securing your spot, you're guaranteed your lights will be up for the holidays! Once the lights are up, we have a maintenance crew on stand by throughout the holiday to repair and replace any bulbs that may go out. We want your lights to beup with no downtime during the holidays!

Phase 3

Removal & Storage

When the holidays are over and Jnauary rolls around, we have you already pre-scheduled in our system for takedown. We ask our clients to be patient and not to worry as our crews are working very hard to remove all the lights that were put up in many neighborhoods all over Austin TX! We guarantee take downs and you don't need to worry about a single thing. All the lights are placed into insultaed bins to preserve quality and performance for next year!


Excellence Driven

Your experience with us is done so with a driven focus to provide a world class experience. You will always be greeted with the best people who are committed to provide excellency. We’re looking to build strong relationship with each and everyone of our clients.

A Highly Rated Company

We’re considered to be one of Austin’s most highly rated company. Our commitment to be the best has help us earned repeated business from our amazing clients. You can trust we will get the service done right and on time always!

Insured & Work Safe

Safety is huge and we take it seriously. Our team are trained on safety procedures and have the best safety equipment to handle ay job. We mitigate the risk of working with us so you can relax and never have to worry when working with Full Color!