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What Exactly Is An Exterior House Wash?

Over time the exterior sidings, soffits, fascia, eaves, window frames, and all the structural pieces that gives your home its exterior look will eventually accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and even organic growth such as mold and algae. 

An exterior house wash is exactly what its sounds like. The washing down of the house from all the accumulated impurities.

We also like to refer to it as.

  • Giving your house a bubble bath!
  • Or giving your house a nice cool refreshing shower!


The Difference Is Night & Day

Full Color House Washing

The Difference Is Night & Day

Before & Afters

A photo showcasing a before photo of pressure washing of a house in Austin TXAn after photo of pressure washing a house in Austin tx
Exterior House Washing before picture in Austin TXExterior House Washing after picture in Austin TX
power washing house austin before photoHouse Washing in Austin TX After Photo
A before Photo of A Limestone Pressure Washing in Austin TXhouse_washing_austin_tx_after_4
exterior house wash austinexterior house wash austin
House Washing Austin before imageHouse Washing Austin after image


Many of our clients before being introduced to house washing have always considered pressure washing. Although pressure washing can achieve some great results, it is not safe and does not effectively clean your sidings, eaves, soffits, and many other areas.

Soft washing is a cleaning method that doesn’t use pressure and doesn’t damage surfaces. It’s a gentle, non-abrasive way to clean your house, roof, or concrete without damaging it.

Soft washing uses a biodegradable soap washing solution to clean surfaces. The solution will do the work and will help loosen all the dirt, debris, and organic growth. It’s ideal for walls that have become dirty over time or for light-colored surfaces that you want to keep looking their best. 


Here are the reasons why pressure washing will not effectively clean the exterior of your property:

Pressure washing needs the user to be at a reasonable distance for the pressure to effectively remove stains, and many debris that are trapped in certain areas. When pressure washing the house, the user is at the mercy of their height. the average person is 5’9-6′ ft. tall and can only get so much of the house until he or she can no longer reach the higher heights, especially when it comes to 2-3 story homes. Some may suggest using a ladder, but we highly recommend not pressure washing off a ladder as the force can push you back and cause serious injuries or death.

The materials and the way the homes are built can make it difficult to get pressure through to effectively remove the stains, debris, and organic matter such as deep crevasses and deep pores in some stone sidings. Pressure washing can remove the top visible layers and present you with some decent results, but it won’t fix the very root of the issue, especially when it comes to organic growth such as mold, mildew, algae, and lichen. Pressure washing can make it look as if the job is done, but deep down in the microscopic level, these bio matter are still intact at the very root with the surfaces and will grow back fast.

Not being careful with the pressure washer and how you use it can result in serious damage to your home, thus costing you more money in repairs and decrease in your property’s value/curb appeal.

For example painted wood or hardy sidings. With just enough pressure, you can leave a line of stripped paint and throw off the aesthetic of your home.

We don’t mean to put pressure washing or power washing in a negative light, but as a cautionary tale when using it to clean certain types of surfaces. Pressure washing services, however, are great when it comes to cleaning flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, pool areas, porches, walkways, pathways, and pretty much any other surface that are flat.

In fact, you can check out our excellent works with our pressure washing services in Austin on our home page. 


Phase 1

The Preparation

Preparation before a house wash is the most important step that we take seriously. Our team of specialists walk throughout the property covering up all outdoor electrical outlets and machinery. We also cover up many of the lamps with a plastic cover to keep water from disrupting its circuits. We also take great measure in keep the plants thoroughly watered throughout the entire process. The watering of the plants helps to dilute our biodegradable solution when they come in contact with any plants.

Phase 2

Solution Application

Once the preparation is complete, the applicator specialists, will apply our biodegradable solutions throughout the property sidings, soffits, eaves, trims, windows, window frames, and many other areas. The solution will effectively eliminate all spider webs, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and many other debris. Our team will do a final rinse throughout the property with pure water to wash off all the impurities along with the solution to complete the house wash.

Phase 3

Your Sparkling Clean Property

Once we've done the final rinsing of everything, we'll remove all the tape from electrical outlets and any coverings. By this time your house should be sparkling clean. Our team will let you know the process is complete and walk you around the property to showcase the end results and if any issues arises we let you know upfront.


Customer Service Based

From start to finish we want your experience to be phenomenal! Whether it’s house washing, pressure washing or window cleaning, we aim to be on your highly recommended list whenever it comes to you and your network’s need for exterior cleaning work.

Stand By Our Work 110%

We aim don’t aim to just do a great job, but an excellent job on every house wash. Making your property truly shine is a transformative experience and we make it an easy experience from start to finish. If you aren’t satisfied, give us a call and we’ll fix the situation right for you.

Fast & Quality

Our specialists follows a framework when it comes to house washing and follows this frame work step by step. We provide all Austin home with a safe, quick, and reliable service. We’re the specialists and know exactly how to deal with issues and all obstacles that comes with house washing.