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Does Window Cleaning Make Any Difference To A House?

Believe it or not, window cleaning can change the entire mood and atmosphere in your home. There is a magical and clean feeling that one can get from their crystal clear windows. 

Your beautiful home in West Lake Hills can feel like a resort every day with clean windows. If you enjoy getting your windows professionally cleaned, you may also enjoy professional pressure washing, house washing, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning as well. 

We can take care of all your exterior while you sit back and invest in your enjoyment of your property and what you love most!

window cleaning in west lake hills


If you’ve never cleaned your windows before there will be some preparation needed. Windows that have not been cleaned for 2-3 years are considered as 1st time cleans. A 1st time clean is a deep cleaning of the windows which will remove 99% of stains. This detail cleaning will make the windows look like new or sometimes even better than new. 

With proper preparation your window cleaning experience will be flawless and an enjoyable one. 

What do you need to do before the 1st time clean?


  • If you are also cleaning the inside windows, be sure to move all furniture and fixtures that are blocking access to get to the windows for a clean. 
  • For the outside windows, if you did not request for screen removal, it is best to remove all screens before the window cleaners arrive. 
  • Make sure all locked gates and fence doors are unlocked so the window cleaners can have access around the property to clean the windows. 
  • It may be best to move extremely valuable items such as vases, statues, and glassware away from the window areas as the window cleaners can potentially knock something over as they try to maneuver.
  • Let the window cleaners know what you want done first. Sometimes you may be very busy or need to use a room for meetings. You may ask window cleaners to clean the windows in that room first so there will be no conflict with your plans and schedule.

 That’s it! That’s all you have to prepare to have amazing clean windows!

When the windows have gone through the 1st time clean, clients may choose to always have clean windows by choosing our Bi-Annual or Annual window cleaning program. You will save more and have clean windows year round! How awesome is that?!



“How many experiences and memories can you create and live through in this lifetime?”

The Full Color team not only treat your home as if it were their own, but also understand how precious and valuable time is for our client. 

We go in with the thought that our clients are able to enjoy and invest their time doing thing they love and being with the ones they love. The Full Color team members are passionate people who also have dreams and aspirations, so we can relate. We understand the meaning of doing what you love and always carry this thought in mind when we serve our clients.

We love what we do because we are able to give your clients the following:

  • Excellent service from start to finish. We are obsessed about service and being as helpful as we can to our clients.
  • We are able to help clients get back several hours of their time to create memories with their loved ones or use that extra time to continue working on their dreams and passions. Who would want to learn to clean windows on a weekend when there are pros who are great at it and can get the job done in less time?
  • Beautifully cleaned windows that sparkle like new. We call it the Hollywood feel. Having clean windows will fill your home with natural warm light with a hint of feeling “I can breathe again” type of feel.  

Experience the difference with Full Color Cleaners. Call us now at (512) 883-2807.


Customer Service Based

From start to finish we want your experience to be phenomenal! Whether it’s house washing, pressure washing or window cleaning, we aim to be on your highly recommended list whenever it comes to you and your network’s need for exterior cleaning work.

Stand By Our Work 110%

We aim don’t aim to just do a great job, but an excellent job on every house wash. Making your property truly shine is a transformative experience and we make it an easy experience from start to finish. If you aren’t satisfied, give us a call and we’ll fix the situation right for you.

Fast & Safe

After cleaning thousands of windows, our team can clean your property’s windows fast and safe. Safety is a huge concern and we are equipped and fully insured to get any job done without any headaches. Our teams are system oriented so we work efficiently and effectively.


West Lake Hills is a popular area that is home to affluent neighborhoods. The attraction of West Lake Hills Has captivate and attracted many artists, musicians, and top CEOs. Founded in 1953 Wes Lake Hills is a staple location in Austin TX that must be visit and seen!

Thinking of visiting or moving to West Lake Hills? Here are some main attractions surrounding West Lake Hills:

Barton Creek Greenbelt

The Barton Creek Greenbelt is a long trail that stretches 7.9 miles and is known to be a place where you can hike, swim, explore, and camp out. If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors with a bit of excitement and adventure, you will love exploring caves and other wild things within the Barton Creek Greenbelt. You can also enjoy many other locations in Barton Creek such as Barton Creek Habitat Preserve, and Barton Creek Wilderness Park.

Lake Austin

Lake Austin is a must-see experience. It is one of Austin’s most exciting areas if you’re into summer BBQs with family and friends. Being out on the lake means you will be able to enjoy many of the fun water activities like skiing, renting out a boat, or paddleboarding. 

What's The Weather Like In West Lake Hills?