How Much Does Pressure Washing Flat Surface Cost?


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When we talk about how much pressure washing costs, we are talking about pressure washing flat surfaces. These flat surfaces are driveways, walkways, patios, and certain stone surfaces. These are harder surfaces that can withstand pressure washing. Other softer and more brittle surfaces are best to be soft-washed.

It is wise to know the differences between pressure washing and soft washing.

If you believe pressure washing is the absolute answer to everything, please stop. You will do more damage pressure washing than cleaning. It is always best to treat each surface the right way. The results should always be a long-lasting clean with no damages.

Surfaces are all made differently. For example, you wouldn’t clean windows by pressure washing, would you? It is dangerous and can crack your windows.

There are correct ways to do window cleaning and even house washing. Each surface has its own process for safe and effective cleaning. It is good to have this in mind as it will protect you when you’re researching for an exterior cleaning company to hire.

So back to the topic, how much does Pressure Washing flat surfaces Cost?


Quick Quote Calculation For Pressure Washing Flat Surfaces

To pressure wash a flat surface, the cost is often determined by the square footage of the area.

Let’s say you want to pressure wash a driveway. The best way to get a quick and often times accurate quote is to measure out the area.

Then give that square footage area to the company in your area and they can give you a fast quote.

You can measure this area on Google Earth like this:

how much does pressure washing cost? This image shows you how to measure the sqft of the area you want to get a pressure washing price on

The square footage of the area is then usually multiplied by $0.20 – $0.50.

You will get an exact price before tax.

It’s as simple as that, and this calculation is the same for any flat surface with the right measurements.

Even though the calculation is easy and quick, it’s also important to know why it costs that much. Why are some quotes higher than or lower than others?

Determining The Cost Of Pressure Washing Flat Surfaces

When it comes to flat surface pressure washing the two main factors that should be important:

  • What will the scope of work of the pressure washing service be?
  • How long will the results last? Will it be a couple of weeks, months, or years?
  • How heavy is the algae growth on the surface, and are their lichen and moss?

How Heavy Is The Algae Growth On The Surface, And Are Their Lichen And Moss?

The organic matter that grows on your siding and roof is the same thing that grows on your flat surfaces.

How heavy the infestation is will require more solutions and a number of treatments.

The heavier the growth the more it has dug deep into the surface. When neglecting to clean the surface, these organic stains can leave permanent marks. There are many ways these organic matters will damage the surface and make it an unsafe environment.


What Will The Scope Of Work Of The Pressure Washing Service Be?

Have you gotten exactly what you wanted?

It is always important to check the scope of work and see what you are getting.

When it comes to pressure washing flat surfaces, there is a process. That process includes treatment. It isn’t as simple as turning on a pressure washer and start pressure washing.

There is a treatment process that’s crucial to help kill the organic growth on the flat surface.

The treatment is very much like a soft wash method. It applies a roof cleaning solution or is sometimes weaker to the surface.

With the surface treated, it’s then pressure washed with medium to low pressure. This makes it easier on the surface and does not cause etching.

The process is then repeated a second time depending on how heavy the growth is and if the surface needs it.

Heavy growth usually 2 runs or even 3-4 times. The treatment is what keeps these surfaces clean for much longer.

before and after of a pressure washing project treatment of a stairway that was heavily infested by algae

Light growth usually 1 run will do.

Pressure washing a lightly infested surface, that doesn't need a lot of treatment

The importance is the scope of treatment and care to ensure a thorough cleaning.


How Long Will The Results Last? Will It Be A Couple Of Weeks, Months, Or Years?

Have you gotten your driveway or patio pressure washed before and it gets dirty again fast?

one it yourself, then that’s ok. Most homeowners only know about the pressure washing part and not the treatment part of it all.

Without treatment, you will have regrowth on the surface again within a few weeks.

There are many factors that will cause your flat surface to get dirty again. If you live near a lot of trees, you will get regrowth much quicker. This is with treatment as well.

But 90% of the time if a flat surface has had the treatment done and pressure washed, it can last up to 6 months to a year or more.


What Are Other Factors That Can Influence The Pricing Of Pressure Washing?

The price difference can be different from one vendor to the next depending on:

  • Level of professionalism
  • Insurance
  • Overhead
  • Livable Wage Employer
  • Reputation

How professional does a company have to be for you to hire them? Most homeowners care about their property and want the best service. The best service usually has a cost associated with it so that it can provide a great experience for the client. It shows in their calls, the way they present their quotes and much more.

These costs are paying employees a liveable wage plus the cost to run the business (overhead). How does this translate to a more professional service?

Paying a livable wage will send happy pressure-washing technicians to the client’s home. Clients can feel safe as the technicians are competent and well-trained.

The cost of running the business includes insurance that protects the homeowner. Any damages or injuries are not liable to the homeowner.

What Is The Average Cost?

The Cost for an average 500 sqft 2-door garage driveway is $250 – $375 before tax.

If the area is heavily covered in algae and lichen, the price would most likely average at $325 – $400 as it will require a heavy amount of treatment.

Most companies will have a minimum no matter the size due to the cost of running their business.

You can take these averages and have a better expectation of how much you will be investing and budget accordingly.

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It is best to understand the reasoning behind the cost of the services you are looking to get done.

The ultimate aim is to get your project done with amazing results while giving you peace of mind.

When it comes to pricing always do your due diligence. Check the value you are getting for the investment you will be making.

We hope this article helps you make an informed decision when it comes to getting a quote. Pricing takes into consideration many factors and helps you budget for your projects.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time!


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