Why You Should Wash Your Windows After Pressure/Soft Washing!

Have you gotten your house pressure washed but end up with some nasty-looking windows afterward?

We hate it too! Especially when it comes to checking our work at the end and walking our clients around to make sure they’re happy.

*** To be clear, we do not pressure wash houses, we soft wash them, but for google search’s sake, many people are still looking up pressure washing the house and we’re helping our clients and potential clients to steer clear of that. Check out this article Pressure Washing Vs Soft Washing to learn more and make the right investment. ***

We take pride in everything we do and after pressure washing any property we hate seeing the exterior windows look murky and full of water stains.

As a professional window cleaners in Austin, we’ve always recommended that our clients get their windows cleaned along with the house because the two go hand and hand.

We believe exterior windows should be part of siding since they make up a large portion of your exterior.


Hard Water Stains Formation From Impure Water

Hard water stains can form as you leave your windows unclean after a power wash or house wash.

The reason for this is when you’re getting the siding power washed or soft washed, the water is never pure.

Power washing uses water that has never been treated and contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. Over time the water dries up and so do the minerals.

The minerals left dried on the windows will begin to react with the glass due to the sun and harsh weather conditions.

Thus, you have hard water stains forming up on your windows and they may become permanent stains over a long period of time.

The same is said for soft washing. Soft washing uses impure water and also combines that water with soaps and detergents that can make it very difficult to clean your windows if left to dry for months and years.


Window Cleaning Before & After

When we clean the windows, we use pure water and a bit of elbow grease to double-check and make sure the windows come out perfectly.

Pure water never leaves streaks on the windows, but if it does happen to leave streaks we know exactly how to fix it up with our professional equipment. We always come ready and make sure your house sparkle to your satisfaction!


Window Cleaning Is Easiest After Pressure Washing / Soft Washing Take Full Advantage Of It!

When the house washing is successful, the dirt, grime, saps, and any mold, or mildew will loosen up quote significantly and makes it extremely simple to clean the windows for a spotless shine.

If your siding is bright and shiny after a professional house wash, imagine how much bright and shiny your entire house would look after your windows are cleaned!

Because of this slight notice in how easy the windows were to clean after the house had just been washed, our team includes exterior window cleaning in many of our pressure washing and house washing packages.

You’ll save more and get much more value.

When it comes to window cleaning for houses that have either been power washed or soft washed, there is a big difference in the cleanliness of the windows.

Pressure washing, the window will come out quite nice,


Soft washing with the soaps and detergents really gets the tough grease and trapped dirt in the corners of the windows that make the windows much much more clean and spotless.

One thing we don’t encourage is to pressure wash the windows. This is why we don’t pressure wash houses and siding as it can be very damaging to the surfaces and glass panes on the windows.

windows washed after pressure washing and house washing


One Thing To Consider When Washing The Windows After A House Wash

Once you’ve got your house washed and exterior windows washed, everything will look absolutely gorgeous outside.

But once you get inside you’ll begin to notice there are stains and marks all over the inside windows!

This is one thing you will notice when your exterior windows get cleaned.

It’s not a bad thing. It just points out to you that the inside windows need to be taken care of.



If you’ve gotten your home power washed or preferably soft-washed, consider getting your exterior windows cleaned too. Don’t wait as the stains will be much more difficult to clean.

If you’re needing a free custom-tailored estimate, give the Full Color Cleaners team a call today and see how we can help.