Crestview’s Makeover: Showcasing Superior Exterior Washing Techniques in Austin, TX


A Case Study of Exterior Washing Project in Crestview Austin TX

One of our favorite projects has been to clean this lovely house for one of our clients in the Crestview area. 



It was a small one-story house made of brick and asbestos siding. The windows were all new and modern double-pane units. Modern windows are much easier to clean than old traditional one-pane window units.

The house was a one-story and roughly 2000 – 2500 sq. ft.

Most of the homes in Crestview are older and still have the 60s and 80s look to them. As Austin grew, so did the popularity of some neighborhoods. If you go by Crestview, you’ll notice there are a lot of construction and new homes beginning to be built.


The Challenge

Speaking of older-style homes, most of them need cleaning and proper maintenance! That’s where Full Color Cleaners comes in to save the day. Most older homes are often neglected due to a lack of awareness or demand for services such as pressure washing, house washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and roof washing, way back in the day as to compare to the demand they do now.


The Solution

How We Went About Washing This House?

The first thing our team does on any project is to take photos and document any hazards. We train our teams to tape and be cautious of areas that can cause damage.

We take damage prevention and property protection seriously. All electrical outlets and units are covered and taped up. Plants are watered and covered if needed.

On this particular house, we had discussed with the homeowner about the fish pond he had. Our cleaning solution does contain some amount of bleach in it and can kill the fish. To prevent this, our team must work around and avoid getting any solution spray into the pond.

The scope of work was to:

1.) Wash the house

2.) Pressure wash the front porch and back painted wood patio

3.) Clean the exterior and interior windows


The Cost Break Down

The House Wash itself was $898. The Flat surfaces were $400. The Window Cleaning Inside and out, and Screens were at $550.

We packaged it all up and gave our client a nice little discount. The total cost of the project was around $1600 for everything before tax.

If you want your exterior cleaned, always request to have everything packaged up. You’ll save a lot more and get much more done.

One thing that our team enjoyed about this project was cleaning the windows. They were new and modern windows that made it a joy to clean.


The Results

Here are some before and after results:

Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Soffits Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX Siding Pressure Washing in Crestview Austin TX Concrete Pressure Washing in Crestview Austin TX

Deck Soft Washing in Crestview Austin TX









Was Our Client Satisfied?

We believe so. And the client left our team a very long written review, which means the world to us. We read these reviews out loud to remind our team how great they are.

Take a look at the review for yourself.

Master Gohring


“So I’m enjoying my recently power washed deck right now. I was looking for someone to power wash it. I asked Facebook and yeah everyone suggested renting one or I could borrow one or so on and so forth. Instead I decided to Google it and got full color cleaners. Young man named Benjamin was my point of contact. Turns out they do a lot more than just Power washing decks. I found my home for 22 years and never had the exterior sprayed or does it mean so I got the works. Into about 1600 and was well worth it.

After they were done I finally had a guy come out and remove all the vines off my house in one section that was bad and I called them back to go ahead and pay for some additional cleaning and they said since I just paid they would not charge me at all, that’s the reason for the five stars. They supplied a lot of before and after photos so I’m gonna share them here. I think you can trust them and I think doing business with them will be well worth it. You decide.” 

We washed the entire house, flat surfaces, decks, patios, and all the windows. Our team did such a great job that our client had us out again several times to do maintenance clean.

You can say this project was quite a makeover!

Master Gohring also owns a martial arts school called Master Gohring’s Tai Chi & Kung Fu located in 5775 Airport Blvd. Suite 600, Austin, TX 78752.



It was an honor and pleasure to clean for one of our amazing clients in the Crestview Neighborhood! This project not only demonstrates Full Color Cleaners dedication and skill in exterior washing but also highlights the importance of regular maintenance for preserving the charm of older homes in growing neighborhoods like Crestview, Austin TX.


About the Author

Benjamin Nguyen, owner of Full Color Cleaners LLC, has garnered significant recognition for his company’s exemplary services in window cleaning and pressure washing, making them one of the Top Rated Exterior Cleaning companies in Austin, TX. Full Color Cleaners commendations are not only from renowned platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Super Pages but also include prestigious recognitions as one of the “10 Best Austin Window Washers” by and “Best Window Washing Services in Austin” by Beyond this, Benjamin’s expertise extends to specialized areas such as soft washing, roof washing, and Christmas Lights Installation, with the latter backed by his membership in CLIPA. His dedication to continuous learning is evident through his annual certifications and affiliations with Pressure Washing School and Expert Safety Services. Notably, Benjamin’s commitment to excellence in exterior cleaning is further solidified by his status as an F9 Authorize Handler, showcasing his proficiency in handling commercial chemicals.

One of the pivotal moments in Benjamin’s career trajectory was his association with the Home Service Business Coaching (HSBC) Program, steered by David James Moerman. Under David’s mentorship, Benjamin honed his business acumen, propelling Full Color Cleaners to its current stature as one of Austin’s top-rated window cleaning and pressure washing enterprises. David Moerman, a successful entrepreneur himself, has publicly endorsed Benjamin’s dedication and vision for his business. For those seeking to connect with Benjamin or learn more about Full Color Cleaners, he maintains an active presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, and Indeed.

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