The Pros and Cons: DIY Power Washing Vs Professional Services


Power washing, a method of using high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, algae, and mildew from surfaces, has become a staple in home improvement and maintenance. Whether it’s revitalizing the appearance of a dusty boat, a grime-ridden grill, or an exterior house wall, power washing can make a significant difference. But the question remains: Should you take on the task yourself or hire a professional? Let’s delve deeper into this topic.


Do-It-Yourself Power Washing

What is DIY Power Washing?

DIY power washing, as the name suggests, is a do-it-yourself approach to cleaning surfaces using a pressure washer. It’s a popular choice among the do-it-yourself community, especially those who enjoy hands-on home improvement projects. The allure of taking matters into your own hands, combined with the potential for cost savings, makes it an attractive option for many.

Necessary Equipment for DIY Power Washing

To embark on a DIY power washing journey, you’ll need:

  • A residential pressure washer
  • Cleaning solutions or soap specifically designed for a pressure washer
  • Safety gear, such as goggles and gloves
  • Brushes and other cleaning tools for stubborn areas

The Pros: Advantages of DIY Power Washing

  • Cost-Effective Equipment Rentals: Renting a power washer from a home improvement store can be more affordable than hiring a professional service. This cost savings can be significant, especially for smaller jobs.
  • Versatility in Cleaning: With your equipment, you can clean everything from your driveway to your patio, giving you flexibility. The freedom to choose when and what to clean is empowering.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Let’s face it, there’s a unique satisfying feeling that comes from completing a task yourself, isn’t it? DIY power washing allows homeowners to take pride in their hard work and the immediate results they achieve.
  • Customized Cleaning Solutions: When you’re in control, you can choose the cleaning solutions that best fit your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer eco-friendly, biodegradable soaps or specific detergents for tough stains, the choice is yours.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Unlike hiring professionals where you might have to work around their availability, DIY power washing means you can choose the most convenient time for you. Whether it’s a sunny weekend afternoon or an unexpected free weekday, you decide when to undertake the task.
  • Learning Opportunity: Engaging in DIY projects, including power washing, provides a chance to learn and hone new skills. Over time, you’ll become more proficient, understanding the nuances of the equipment and the best techniques for different surfaces.

The Cons: Disadvantages of DIY Power Washing

  • Initial Investment for Equipment Purchase: If you decide to buy, the cost of equipment can be steep. While renting is an option, frequent rentals can add up over time.
  • Additional Expenses: The soap/cleansers cost and the water bill can add up. These hidden costs can sometimes make DIY less cost-effective than anticipated.
  • Time and Effort: The opportunity cost of spending hours or even days cleaning can be significant. Time is money, and for some, the hours spent power washing could be better utilized elsewhere.
  • Potential for Damage: High-pressure water can blow holes in delicate surfaces like stucco or wood siding. Without proper knowledge, you might end up causing more harm than good.
  • Quality of Cleaning Agents: DIY solutions might not match the efficacy of professional-quality cleaning agents. This can lead to subpar results and the need for more frequent cleanings.

Safety Concerns in DIY Power Washing

Using a pressure washer without proper knowledge can lead to injuries or damage. Electrical components, for instance, can be hazardous if wet. There’s also the risk of surface damage if the pound-force per square inch (psi) is too high. Moreover, water combined with electricity poses a risk, and without proper precautions, accidents can happen.

Here’s an article where we’ve covered the pressure washing safety tips to ensure a safe and effective power washing. 

Expert Tips for DIY Power Washing

  1. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first.
  2. Avoid using too much pressure on delicate surfaces.
  3. Use biodegradable cleaning solutions to minimize environmental impact.
  4. Ensure you’re wearing appropriate safety gear at all times.


Professional Power Washing Services

Understanding Professional Power Washing 

Professional power washing services utilize commercial-grade equipment and specialized cleaning solutions to achieve optimum results. These technicians have undergone training to handle various cleaning scenarios. They bring with them years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

Range of Services Offered

From gutter cleaning to concrete cleaning and even multi-story building exteriors, professional services cover a broad spectrum. They can handle tasks like mold and mildew removal, which require specialized equipment and cleansers.

The Pros: Benefits of Hiring Professional Services

  • Expertise and Experience: Professionals know how to handle different surfaces and contaminants. Their experience ensures that the job is done right the first time. 

     You can also read our article about our guide to pressure washing specific surfaces

  • Efficiency: With commercial machines and heated water, professionals can achieve faster and better results. This efficiency can save you time and potential future expenses.
  • Safety: Professionals are aware of the safety risks and take precautions. They’re trained to handle equipment safely and effectively.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Hard-to-reach areas, mold and mildew growth, and stubborn contaminants removal are handled effectively. They have the tools and knowledge to tackle even the most challenging tasks.

The Cons: Drawbacks of Professional Services

  • Cost Considerations: Hiring a reputable power washing company can be pricier than DIY. This cost can sometimes be a deterrent for homeowners.
  • Dependence on Service Availability: You’re at the mercy of the contractor’s schedule. This can be inconvenient, especially if you need services urgently.
  • Potential for Hidden Charges: Some services might have additional costs not mentioned upfront. It’s essential to get a detailed quote before commencing. With Full Color Cleaners, we would ask the client first for their approval if there’s an additional service that we need to do. It’s part of our commitment to providing transparent pricing.

Guide to Selecting a Professional Service Provider

  1. Research and Reviews: Look for reputable power washing companies with positive reviews. Word of mouth and online testimonials can be invaluable.
  2. Insurance and Guarantees: Ensure the company is insured and offers warranties on their work. This provides peace of mind and assurance of quality.
  3. Experience and Expertise: Consider the company’s years in the business and the expertise of their technicians. A company with a long-standing reputation often indicates reliability and skill in their field.
  4. Equipment and Technology: Inquire about the type of equipment they use. Professional services should have commercial-grade equipment and stay updated with the latest cleaning technologies.
  5. Eco-Friendly Practices: With growing environmental concerns, it’s essential to choose a company that uses biodegradable cleaning solutions and eco-friendly practices.
  6. Transparent Pricing: A reputable company will provide transparent pricing without hidden charges. It’s advisable to get a detailed quote upfront to avoid unexpected costs later.
  7. Customer Service: Gauge the company’s responsiveness and customer service quality. A company that values its customers will be prompt in addressing queries and concerns.
  8. Customized Services: Every home or property is unique. Opt for a provider that offers tailored services to cater to specific cleaning needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  9. Referrals and Recommendations: Ask the company for referrals or before-and-after photos of their previous jobs. This can give you a clearer idea of the results you can expect.
  10. Certifications and Training: Ensure that the company’s technicians undergo regular training and hold certifications in power washing. This ensures that they are updated with the best practices in the industry.

Here’s a more in-depth guide on what to look for when hiring a professional pressure washing company.

Comparing DIY Power Washing Vs. Professional Services

While DIY offers cost savings and a sense of accomplishment, professional services provide expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind. The quality of the job, safety concerns, and time and effort required are determining factors in this comparison. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each method against your needs, budget, and comfort level.

We’ve listed down more benefits of both DIY and professional house washing here that can help you decide on choosing the right option for you. 

Deciding Between DIY and Professional Power Washing

What to Think About

If you’re thinking about power washing, here’s what to consider:

Cost: DIY might seem cheaper at first, but don’t forget about renting or buying equipment and getting cleaning supplies.

What You’re Cleaning: Some stuff, like wood or stucco, can be tricky. You don’t want to accidentally damage them.

Results: Pros usually have better gear and more experience, so they might do a cleaner job.

Comfort: If you’ve never used a power washer, there’s a bit to learn especially about precautions and the risks. Make sure you’re up for the task.

Saving money now with DIY is great, but mistakes can lead to bigger costs down the road. Pros might cost more upfront, but they often guarantee their work, giving you peace of mind. Whatever you choose, aim for a clean space and keep things in good shape.


Practical Scenarios for Power Washing

When deciding between DIY and professional power washing, it’s helpful to consider specific situations where one might be more suitable than the other:


Cleaning a Small Patio: If you have a modest-sized patio that’s seen better days, with some dirt and minor stains, doing it yourself can be a straightforward task. With a rented or owned pressure washer and a free afternoon, you can refresh the space without much hassle.

Hardscaping Elements: This includes things like stone pathways, garden borders, or brick walls. These are generally durable and less prone to damage, making them suitable for DIY cleaning. Plus, they’re often smaller areas, so the task isn’t too time-consuming.


Exterior House Cleaning: Cleaning the entire exterior of a house is a big job. It’s not just about the size but also about ensuring even cleaning without damaging window seals, light fixtures, or other delicate parts. Professionals have the equipment and expertise to handle this efficiently.

Multi-story Buildings: If you live in a multi-story house or building, cleaning the upper levels can be risky without the right equipment. Professionals have the necessary tools to reach higher floors safely, ensuring a thorough clean without the danger of climbing ladders with heavy equipment.

Delicate Surfaces: Surfaces like stucco, older wood sidings, or surfaces with lead-based paint can be easily damaged with incorrect power washing techniques. Professionals are trained to recognize and handle such surfaces with care, ensuring they’re cleaned without causing harm.

In essence, while smaller, more robust areas might be suitable for a DIY approach, larger or more intricate tasks often benefit from a professional touch.

For top-tier service, transparent pricing, and eco-friendly practices, trust in Full Color Cleaners. Dive into a world where quality meets expertise. Reach out to us today! 



Whether you’re a hands-on DIY kind of person or just someone who wants the job done right, deciding between DIY or getting a pro for power washing really comes down to what you need. I’ve been in the power washing game for 3 years now (and counting!), and I’ve seen some pretty cool before-and-afters with both ways. But remember, it’s more than just getting things clean; it’s about making your place look its best. So, think it through and pick what’s best for your space. Trust me, your home will be happier for it!


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