Save Your Money And Get Your Roof Cleaned


How often do you check your roof?

Our guess is, “probably never”, until you discover there’s,

  • A leakage or multiple leakages somewhere on the ceiling
  • An extremely foul rotten odor from the deep pits of hell stinking up a particular room
  • A strong hail storm recently passed by and hit the neighborhood

Other than paying attention to your roof when there are obvious signs of damage, you wonder who in their right mind would think about their roof often?

The roof isn’t something beautiful or sexy to look at that’s also going to “WOW!” your guest, let alone be entranced by it.

… Or do they?

The truth is your guests do and so do your neighbors.

It’s stated that a roof makes up about 40% of your home’s curb appeal.

That’s 40%!

Holly molly that’s a lot of curb appeal power!

So you betcha the guests and all the neighbors are paying attention to how your roof looks. They may not point directly at the roof but will know that something is just off.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a home that had professional roof cleaning compared to before.

As you can see, your home will instantly look brand new with a cleaner roof.

So the big question is, why is it that many do not pay any attention to it?

It’s because not a lot of people know that their roof, just like their beautiful lawn and landscape, can be cared for and maintained professionally every 1-3 years.

There are extreme benefits to having a clean roof that you need to know and it will save you and your wallet a ton!


Dirty Roof With Black Streaks


Roof Cleaning Expands The Life Of Your Roof

Obviously, if you take care of your roof it’ll last much longer, but just by how much?

Your roof battles the elements on a daily basis and is extremely tough. But as the days, months, and years go by, mother nature will beat even the toughest.

Roofs lose their integrity to organic growth.

What is organic growth on roofs?

Here in Austin, TX, the organic growth that occurs on your roof is what’s called Gloeocapsa magma. 

Gloeoscapsa Magma is a bacteria that are greenish in color, but starts out as black stains on your roof and eventually spreads rapidly throughout.

Many people think that Gloeoscapa Magma is considered to be algae, but it’s not. Algae is a plant while Gloeoscapa is a bacteria that feeds off your roof material.

Gloesoscapa Magma feeds off the material that shingle roofs are made of. This causes deterioration of your shingle roof and shortens the life and integrity of your roof.

Gloesdocapa grows rapidly every year making your roof darker in color, with some unpleasant streaks. As more and more of the bacteria spreads and stacks on top of one another, the more shade your roof gets. This is a bad situation to be in as the shade + humid weather will cause your roof to collect more moisture causing rot that will spread to the wood foundations of your roof.

Gloesoscapa Magma will allow other bacteria, funguses, and plants to grow on the outside and inside of your roofing system.

This is a huge issue for many homeowners as they will try to get the issue fixed by calling a local roofing company to repair or replace their roof and go through a rough insurance claim process.

With a dirty roof, you can be rejected from your insurance claim.


Dirty Roofs Are High Risk Of Getting Rejected From Insurance Claims & Voids Warranty

Are you a normal, happy, and sane person?

Well, you won’t be when dealing with your insurance claim for your roof.

Insurance companies do not really want to pay for your roof and that’s a fact. It’s money out of their pocket and they have their own best interest and will look for a way to deny your insurance claim for your roof.

Even if your roof

You got that right.

If your roof got hit by hail storms and you’re calling up your roofer and he calls up the adjuster. They will look at your roof and if it’s full of dark streaks (mold) and lichen, you’re going to most likely get rejected for your claim and have to pay the entire roof out of your pocket.

Some roofing companies claim that they can get your insurance approved, but that’s a sales tactic to lure you in.


Achieving Peace Of Mind With A Clean Roof

Peace of mind when it comes to your property starts with actively being aware of the maintenance needed to prevent damages and repairs that could drain you and your wallet.

We are a local pressure washing company in Austin that can help properly care for your property so that you and your family can enjoy your greatest asset without any issues.

Roof Cleaning is a careful and delicate process. We don’t take a pressure washer to wash your roof, we use a soft wash method that’s approved by your roof manufacturer which is the ARMA (The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association).

Many of the issues you have with your roof can be prevented. With your roof making up about 40% of your property, lack of care can lead to a chain reaction of damage to other structures of your home.

Get your roofing system cleaned and allow it to work properly, last longer, and instantly increase your property’s curb appeal.


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