Rosedale Austin TX House Wash & Exterior Window Cleaning Project



This project was in Rosedale Austin TX. We did a house wash and exterior window cleaning for the client. The exterior of the house doesn’t look as if it had anything growing on it. It had a lot of dust and a thin layer of grease. 

The client had tried to clean this area before by simply power washing and rinsing it. With grease, you need a different process. You need to be able to first soft wash the house and then come back and clean it with a very soft brush that agitates the grease. From there, you are able to rinse the siding off just like a normal house wash and the house will come out looking super clean.

The client was thrilled and we were left with another 5 star review.

Here’s the picture of the house before we start with the project:

House Washing in Rosedale Austin TX


The Client & Challenges

This single-family home in Rosedale, Austin, TX, appeared deceptively clean. However, a closer look revealed a greasy buildup, likely caused by proximity to a high-traffic area. The real challenge was washing the house that has grease and oil on the siding. Difficult to take off if we do not use the right soaps and detergents. 

You also have to put in a lot of elbow grease to make sure everything is scrubbed off to look good! The homeowner’s attempts at power washing had minimal effect, highlighting the unique challenges of non-organic stains. 

It’s not so much that we are removing the organic buildups from the house, we are removing non – organic stains. This can fall into more of a restoration category.


Our Solution 

Soft Washing: We use our soft washing system combined with an organic degreaser and soaps. This also creates a nice smell and aroma while washing the house.

Scrubbing Technique: The scrubbing was added to help remove the layers of grease and oil that are very stubborn.



The customer was happy. The house came out super sparkling brand new. It feels like a new fresh coat of paint. The client won’t have to worry about the dust for very long because if she gets us out again next year, the price is actually less. 

There is less build up and we’ve cleaned it all to a standard that our team can easily come back to maintain the building. 

The transformation was dramatic, and the project was completed efficiently, taking approximately 5-6 hours for both the house wash and exterior window cleaning.

Client was so thrilled that she left a raving 5 star review 🙂


Amanda Carsey


“These guys are amazing! They deliver the professionalism and customer service that we’ve all been missing. Ben came out quickly for an estimate and was kind, detailed, and thorough. Conner and Jake did an amazing job cleaning our exterior siding and windows, and could not have been kinder! They even called on the way to see if they could pick me up anything to eat or drink!! We will definitely use them again.”


We will be reaching out to our client again and hope to help her maintain her beautiful home. Because we’ve cleaned it to our standard, maintenance is much more simple.

Take a look at the before and after photos:

House Washing in Rosedale Austin TX

House Washing in Rosedale Austin TX

House Washing in Rosedale Austin TX

House Washing in Rosedale Austin TX



Developing our grease-removal process involved experimentation. For the longest time our team had difficulties with homes that had non-organic build ups on them. We couldn’t find the right process to clean them, until we experimented and created an entire unique system around it. 

This project reinforced the importance of finding tailored solutions rather than relying on one-size-fits-all cleaning methods.

Do you have a home or business with stubborn grease or oil stains? Contact Full Color Cleaners today for a free consultation! Our specialized techniques and commitment to client satisfaction guarantee exceptional results.


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