Pressure Washing Your Deck, Balconies, And Porches? Things You Should Consider!

If you have plans on making your exterior look extravagant or just a more welcoming area to be, you may want to consider preparing it for success.

Preparation is key to making any home exterior a successful project for you and your family.

Why should you take our advice? We were featured alongside some of the top exterior cleanings and pressure washing companies throughout the nation on Redfin’s Blog to share about Small Apartment Balcony Ideas: 10 Tips for These Tiny Spaces.

In the article, the top experts pitch in their best advice for making decorating your deck a seamless experience.

When it comes to decorating a deck, you’ll need to pressure wash it and if you can successfully power wash your deck the correct way, it makes it much easier for you to apply the same concept to clean many other exterior areas around your beautiful property.

Pressure washing a deck requires extensive knowledge of cleaning different types of surfaces and the types of stains that have accumulated on there over time.

Most homeowners and property owners are led to believe that all you need to do is rent or buy a cheap pressure washer and just go at cleaning the surface as if you had a magical eraser.

This can result in poor results and long-term damages that can ruin the aesthetic of your deck over time.

How To Properly Pressure Wash or Power Wash your Deck, Balcony, Or Porch Area? Professional Help Is Always Recommended!

You need to know the right soap, chemicals, and method of washing.

As we’ve mentioned previously, all homes are different, they’re all built differently with vastly different styles and materials.

For cleaning decks, balconies, and porch areas that are made out of wood, we would use soaps and chemicals that are healthy and safe for wood surfaces while at the same time using a pressure washing method that releases very soft pressure to prevent any fuzzing on the wood surface.

For hard surfaces such as brick, concrete, or stones, we’ve studied and systematically measured the level of hardness each of these hard surfaces has. We are then able to mix a proper blend of soap and detergents and chemicals that will clean these surfaces with ease. Usually harder surfaces will be much more forgiving when you decide to use a high-pressure washing method.

Because pressure washing the exterior seem like an easy task to take on, most surfaces end up being damaged due to poor treatment and lack of cleaning knowledge.

We highly advise you to always seek professional help as it will save you more time, headache, and money in the long run. Not only that but it’ll be a wise investment decision for the longevity of your property.

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Cleaning the interior atmosphere can be easy, but when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, always seek professional help as the challenges can be difficult for homeowners and property owners.

We suggest if you do wish to DIY that you’ll spend time, money, and dedication to the craft of exterior cleaning. Properly cleaning is for longevity, not a one-time quick fix.