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Are you proud of your house or business’s building when you drive in every day?

It can be an eyesore when your property looks unclean.

If it bothers you, it will also bother those who pass by every day.

Your property is a huge investment and to keep it clean is to protect it from damages.

We’ll help you maintain your biggest investment and be proud of it.

Check out a quick transformation of a home to your right!

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The Difference Is Night & Day


The Difference Is Night & Day

Before & Afters

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What’s all that black and dark green stuff growing all over your property?

Those would be algae and mildew. They grow and spread quite fast!

Down in Steiner Ranch, most homes are made of stones and stucco. These surfaces are porous making it easier to trap pollen and various debris. Pollen is a source of food for the algae and mildew. Not only that, but the limestones minerals are also a great source as well.

The simple solution most people will think is to pressure wash everything.

That’s one part of it. The other is to use soft washing to ensure that the surface will be clean thoroughly.

What is soft washing? Soft washing is the a more up to date method of washing exterior surfaces. Before soft washing, you would pressure wash the stones and whatever didn’t come off was considered permanent. With soft washing we are able to penetrate into the deep porous surface where the algae and mildew lives. How we do it is with soaps and detergents. Soft washing is gentle and soft. We apply several coat or a strong concrentration onto the surface based on how heavy the growth is. The soaps and detergent goes to work and kills the algae and mildew down to the core level. This means there are no traces of spores. The result of the soft washing is a longer lasting clean that looks as good as new.

Pressure washing uses high pressure to wash off the stains. But with homes being made of natural stones and stucco, it can cause damage. We want to avoid adding any damages to your porperty. Pressure washing would be done so at a controlled level of pressure and what we can’t get off, we will use soft washing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

One of the chemicals we use is sodium hypochlorite or bleach. But bleach alone isn’t the only thing. We use surfactants that helps slide off debris and dead organic matter from the surfaces. The bleach we use isn’t at full concentration and is diluted down to a safe level to clean many surfaces. 

We also add in a plant and property protection plan for our clients by covering outlets and plants. We water plants to also keep them safe although the cleaning solution is already pet and plant safe.

Let the pros at Full Color Cleaners take care of your pressure washing this year. Our specialists are trained and will recommend the best solution for your power washing project in Steiner Ranch.

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Once our team has completed the project, you will do a walk around with our team to make sure you are happy with everything. We can then help take care of payment. Payment can easily be done with our team via credit card or checks. In a few days, our office will give you a call to check in and gain any feedback you might have for our team.


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We are a customer service based company servicing the local in Cedar Park. All parts of our company emphasizes ways to make our customers get the best experience possible. You will get the best people who care about you and your project as if they are the ones receiving the service. Our standards are very high.

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We are transparent with our pricing and how we go about cleaning your property. With our transparency, you can trust that we are here to help you make the right decision even if it does not earn us your business. We also have a blog filled with incredible content to help our customers make the right decisions when it comes to their exterior cleaning.

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We only use the best and top-line industry products to clean your home. The cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and biodegradable. One of the benefits of working with our company and team is safety. All of our specialists are trained heavily on safety. We’re also insured and bonded. You will only get the best when working with us.