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Does your property look like it needs some love?

Living in Lakeway and being closer to water can cause a lot of algae and mildew to grow on your exterior surfaces. Blame the moisture and the Texas humidity.

But that’s great news for us. We get to help you take care of it all.

Check out the cleaning we did for a home that had lots of growth on it.

We washed it and the entire house looked like new!

See it for yourself! The before and after are incredible.

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Dramatic Results From The Specialists


The Difference Is Night & Day

Before & Afters

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Looking to get your exterior clean and looking like new?

We’re the company to call! Let’s face it. You’re just too busy to keep up with the exterior cleaning of your house or business.

Not to mention pressure washing and power washing can be labor intensive and take up all of your time.

We want to give you your time back so you can do things you love.

You’re buying back time and our expertise. Imagine how much more of a relief when you come home to a perfectly clean house. And the best part is you didn’t have to do a thing. You get more time with your kids and partner. Enjoy and create more cherished memories. You can also get ahead of the projects you’ve been holding back on.

Let go and get more done. We can make it happen. All you have to do is give our team the responsibilities of your exterior cleaning to-do list.

Call Full Color Cleaners Team and let us handle your pressure-washing project this year!

We use pressure washing and soft washing to wash your property. The two methods differ but are needed to give a superior clean.

You already know that pressure washing uses high pressure to clean. Soft washing is a method that most people do not yet know much about.

Soft washing is the process of using soaps and detergents to clean rather than high pressure. Think of taking a shower. You use soap and shampoo to clean yourself. Soft washing is just that but for your house and business property.

Soft washing is gentle and helps your property stay clean much longer.

We like to combine the two methods of cleaning. Some surfaces that are harder will need some pressure to help rinse off stains.

We use surfactants that are similar to Gain and Dawn to help wash your home. Our surfactant is made to help remove the exterior stains that grows on your exterior surfaces. They are safe and are eco-friendly.

To treat algae and mildew build-up, our solution does contain some bleach that’s been diluted to a low level. We also further dilute when rinsing.

Should you worry?

No because this is the standard for exterior cleaning. You are also in good company with us as our team are train on plant and property safety. We are also fully insured to protect you. 

You should worry if you hire someone who is not insured and is not knowledgeable and is inexperienced. 

We’re one of the few top rated company in the area and have the experience under our belt.


Any surface you need cleaning we can do!

It’s more of what method will we use to clean the surface you want to be cleaned.

And that depends on the hardness of that surface and what it’s made of.

Most surfaces will be a mixture of power washing and soft washing. For the softer more delicate surfaces, we will stick to soft washing only.

The only surfaces that will be different are wooden surfaces. Wood requires more of a restorative process. The soaps we use to clean non-organic surfaces are not for wood. Wood requires oxygenated soaps and detergents so that the wood fibers aren’t damaged.

  • Natural Stone Surfaces: These are various mixtures of limestones and flagstones. The natural stones are quite popular in Texas and attract algae and mildew. The reason why they grow on the stones is because the natural stones are food for algae and mildew. They also store rich nutrients from the pollen and various debris in their porous surface. It’s a treat that the algae and mildew just can’t resist and they spread like wildfire. Pressure washing alone won’t do much good on these stones. You will need to use soft washing to really treat and stunt their growth. Soft washing the stones will also give you a much longer-lasting clean.

  • Stucco Surfaces: We clean plenty of stucco surfaces and they are by far the most difficult to clean. Just like the natural stones, stucco surfaces also are porous. But the thing with stucco is, algae and mildew stains can become permanent if left untreated. We do not recommend pressure washing stucco surfaces as it is very delicate. Soft washing is a much more suitable method to clean stucco.

  • Wood Surfaces: Wood surfaces will need to go through a restorative process. The fiber in wood are organic material. We would need to use oxygenated soaps and detergent to get rid of the algae and mildew. After the treatment, the wood fiber will be treated to protect the fibers and then washed with pure water. Wood cleaning is more in the line of a restorative service.

  • Concrete Surfaces: Concrete surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and sidewalks can be pressure washed. We highly recommend soft washing afterward to treat the algae and mildew in the pores of the concrete. Concrete that is less than 3 years old should not be pressure washed as it will cause etching.



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To help you with your pressure washing project in Cedar park, the first step you should take is to fill out our free estimate request form. With a free estimate you will help our team understand what exactly you're looking to get done. A specialist from our office will give you a call to discuss the project in detail and determine the best solution for your project.


Approval & Scheduling

Once you've gotten your estimate, our office will work with you to schedule your project and assign a dedicated team of specialists. We will also suggest several task to help get your property ready for the day of cleaning. This is will protect and avoid damage prior to the team's arrival on cleaning date.


Easy Payment & Closing Out

Once our team has completed the project, you will do a walk around with our team to make sure you are happy with everything. We can then help take care of payment. Payment can easily be done with our team via credit card or checks. In a few days, our office will give you a call to check in and gain any feedback you might have for our team.


Customer Service Based

We are a customer service based company servicing the local in Cedar Park. All parts of our company emphasizes ways to make our customers get the best experience possible. You will get the best people who care about you and your project as if they are the ones receiving the service. Our standards are very high.

Stand By Our Work 110%

We stand by our work and do not cut corners to save time or money. Our clients chose us and will get the job done right. As one of the top-rated exterior cleaning company in Austin TX, our team has a reputation to uphold and that keeps everyone in on our team accountable and responsible.

Transparent & Educational

We are transparent with our pricing and how we go about cleaning your property. With our transparency, you can trust that we are here to help you make the right decision even if it does not earn us your business. We also have a blog filled with incredible content to help our customers make the right decisions when it comes to their exterior cleaning.

Eco-Friendly & Safety Oriented

We only use the best and top-line industry products to clean your home. The cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and biodegradable. One of the benefits of working with our company and team is safety. All of our specialists are trained heavily on safety. We’re also insured and bonded. You will only get the best when working with us.