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Does your property look dirty and not new like it used to?

Most people would repaint their houses. But a better way is to have it power washed.

Can power washing really make your house look like new?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it can sometimes make it look better than new!

Washing away dirt, spider webs, and organic growth is the key. We often get customers saying “WOW, my house looks like a it got a new fresh coat of paint!”

Don’t believe us? check the photo to your right!

Showing algae on a home before it got pressure washing in cedar park txShowing algae on a home after it got pressure washing in cedar park tx


The Difference Is Night & Day


The Difference Is Night & Day

Before & Afters

pressure washing before photos of a driveway in cedar park TXPressure washing after photo of a driveway in cedar park tx
Chimney limestone pressure washing in cedar park txchimney limestone pressure washing after photo in cedar park tx
Pressure washing walkway in cedar park tx


Calling out to all businesses and folks who own houses in Cedar Park!

Are you looking to get pressure washing work done?

Before you request an estimate, it’s best to know how it all works.

There is a big difference in how we clean different types of surfaces.

The two methods we use are pressure wash and soft wash.

When you think of driveways, patios, and decks, you think about pressure washing. Pressure washing is ideal for these surfaces and can produce great results. This is because pressure washing uses high pressure to blast off the dirt and grime. The power generated to create pressure is (PSI). With enough PSI, usually around 1500 – 4,000 PSI, you’re able to wash off years of dirt and grime build up. With high pressure, you have to be cautious as it can cause chipping and puncturing of the surfaces.

Soft washing is a unique and more gentle way of washing exterior surfaces. Instead of using high pressure, we use pressure no more than 70-150 PSI to clean. How does that work? It works by using chemicals, soaps, and detergents that are eco-friendly. Do not fear the word chemicals because everything and any is chemicals. Even our food has chemicals in it. It’s using it correctly that matters the most. Soft washing uses eco-friendly solutions to apply to the surface. This allows it to get into porous areas and clean any trapped debris. After the application, it can be rinsed with water from a garden hose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Pressure washing alone can get you great results! But when you compare it to soft washing it is a night and day difference.

Pressure washing can only wash away stains and debris that are visible.

The stains you can’t see are hidden underneath the surfaces.

Because pressure washing does not clean everything, surfaces get dirty again much sooner.

Pressure washing when combined with soft washing can give you incredible results.

We use many types of cleaning agents to wash exterior surfaces.

Most of our soaps are surfactants that are similar to Gain or Dawn. The surfactants help the cleaning process by helping us rinse off the debris more easily.

The other cleaning solutions contain bleach, oxygenated bleach, and oxidizers. These solutions are eco-friendly which means within a few hours they decompose. What do they decompose to? They decompose to carbon dioxide or water.

Most of our cleaning solutions are diluted down to a safe level for cleaning with soft washing. When handled by specialists on our team, you will have the perfect clean.

We can pressure washing any surface. Our process combines both pressure washing with soft washing. This gives you a superior cleaning and longer lasting results.

Pressure Washing Is Recommended For Hard Surfaces:

Surfaces that are hard such as concrete, stones, or brick can be pressure washed. These surfaces can handle the high pressure. Even though they are hard, our specialists can control the pressure level to prevent damage. Not all hard surfaces are equally tough. Some stones are much more delicate that others. This is why we often use soft washing alongside pressure washing to help clean the more delicate stones and hard surfaces.

  • Concrete Pressure Washing: We pressure wash concrete surfaces such as driveway, walkways, parking lots, and . These concrete surfaces when 3-4 years old can be pressure washed safely and effectively. We highly do not recommend pressure washing for concrete surfaces less than 3 years. This is because the concrete still has yet to settle into the surface and can be etched if pressure is applied. It’s best to soft wash new concrete surfaces.
  • Fence Pressure Washing: Wood cleaning uses pressure washing and soft washing. To pressure wash fences it is done so using a restorative process. Treating the wood is essential to effectively pressure wash the surface. If we do not treat the wood, the pressure washing would not clean the wood very well and can cause damage.
  • Paver Pressure Washing:  Pavers can be pressure washed and treated with soft washing. With pavers, we are cleaning various stones. Every stone has a different level of hardness and should be washed with controlled pressure. For more delicate and porous stones, we suggest low pressure and soft washed.
  • Siding Power Washing: When it comes to washing siding, we always highly suggest to soft wash. Siding, even though some are made of stone or brick can still easily be chipped and damaged. Controlled pressure and more emphasis on soft washing for siding is crucial to get a proper clean for your house or commercial building.
      •  Natural Stone Siding: Such as limestones, brick, Austin stones, flagstones should all be pressure with low pressure no more than 150-200 PSI. Too much pressure can chip the top coating on the siding and cause it to erode much quicker. Soft washing and low pressure rinsing will give you a damage-free and long lasting clean.
      • Stucco Siding: Stucco is the most delicate and difficult surface to clean. Pressure can easily cause cracks or chip and crack in large areas because of water accumulation. We highly suggest only soft washing stucco siding.
      • Hardy and Vinyl Siding: These sidings are delicate and soft. A soft wash will give them a much better clean and prevent puncturing and chipping of paint. Hardy siding and vinyl siding can have oxidation present and pressure washing can cause irregular streak marks on the siding. Soft washing is the best way to clean these surfaces.

Let the pros at Full Color Cleaners take care of your pressure washing this year. Our specialists are trained and will recommend the best solution for your power washing project in Cedar Park.



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To help you with your pressure washing project in Cedar park, the first step you should take is to fill out our free estimate request form. With a free estimate you will help our team understand what exactly you're looking to get done. A specialist from our office will give you a call to discuss the project in detail and determine the best solution for your project.


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Once you've gotten your estimate, our office will work with you to schedule your project and assign a dedicated team of specialists. We will also suggest several task to help get your property ready for the day of cleaning. This is will protect and avoid damage prior to the team's arrival on cleaning date.


Easy Payment & Closing Out

Once our team has completed the project, you will do a walk around with our team to make sure you are happy with everything. We can then help take care of payment. Payment can easily be done with our team via credit card or checks. In a few days, our office will give you a call to check in and gain any feedback you might have for our team.


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We are a customer service based company servicing the local in Cedar Park. All parts of our company emphasizes ways to make our customers get the best experience possible. You will get the best people who care about you and your project as if they are the ones receiving the service. Our standards are very high.

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We stand by our work and do not cut corners to save time or money. Our clients chose us and will get the job done right. As one of the top-rated exterior cleaning company in Austin TX, our team has a reputation to uphold and that keeps everyone in on our team accountable and responsible.

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We are transparent with our pricing and how we go about cleaning your property. With our transparency, you can trust that we are here to help you make the right decision even if it does not earn us your business. We also have a blog filled with incredible content to help our customers make the right decisions when it comes to their exterior cleaning.

Eco-Friendly & Safety Oriented

We only use the best and top-line industry products to clean your home. The cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and biodegradable. One of the benefits of working with our company and team is safety. All of our specialists are trained heavily on safety. We’re also insured and bonded. You will only get the best when working with us.