Why You Need To Clean Your Windows Inside And Outside

Do you only clean the outside of your windows?

When our customers only want their exterior windows cleaned, it makes it hard to display the impact of what fully cleaned windows will do to their home.

Sure the glass is nice and shiny on the outside, but when you take a look on the inside, it doesn’t give that full vibrant feel to your home.

And beyond how having cleaned windows will make your home look and feel, you’ll want them to be clean thoroughly to prevent you and your family from breathing in dust and other harmful debris.

A beautiful and clean environment starts with your windows.

Health And Longevity: Why Cleaning Interior Windows Is A Must

If health is your primary concern, we always highly suggest that homeowners get their interior windows cleaned. The outside can’t do much, but the inside can build up dust and eventually float around your environment, making it difficult to breathe and cause many other serious health complications.

Just go take a good look.

  • Are there spider webs around the corners of the windows?
  • Is there dust coming off the windows as you swipe a finger through the middle of the glass?
  • Lift up your window to check the tracks, do you see dirt and dead bugs underneath?

If you see all this on and in your windows, it’s highly likely that you’ll be breathing in a lot of it.

You and your family are breathing in all these pollutants and can result in

  • Coughing
  • Allergies
  • Runny Nose
  • Headaches
  • and more…

So now you can see why you shouldn’t just clean the outside, but also the inside.

Cleaning Both Inside And Outside To Allow More Light Into Your Home

Who wouldn’t want to have more natural light coming into their home?

That’s like asking the question would you want to be happier than you are now?

Come on you wouldn’t say no to that unless you’re allergic to being happy.

The point is. No matter what your environment may be, a brighter and more vibrant atmosphere is going to make things a whole lot better.

You could be a homeowner who enjoys company and always have guests over. With cleaner windows, you’d not only impress your guests but also set a great mood for your company to enjoy being around you. If you’ve had crystal clear windows before, you’d understand this 100%.

You could even be a business owner looking to create a more welcoming atmosphere or increase the happiness of your workers for better productivity. And the best action to start creating a positive environment is by getting your windows completely clean. Clean windows can do wonders for your branding and image in the long-run. Both your customers and employees will appreciate it.

Cleaner Windows Prevents Permanent Staining & Damage To Your Windows

Stains can become permanent and make your windows look extremely dirty and full of streaks. Even if you hire a professional window cleaning company to clean them, it may be too late.

Most homes have double pane windows and if windows are neglected it can cause damage to the inner panes where condensation builds and make it impossible to clean. The only way you can get this issue fixed is to replace the window(s) and it can get pricey.

A more damaging problem that can arise when you neglect cleaning your windows is allowing bacteria and funguses to grow and creating their own environment to build a community. They’ll eat away the wood and do damage to your windows and the areas surrounding it.

This is why sometimes homeowners will witness rotting of plywood around their window frame and spread onto their vinyl or wood sidings.

You’ll end up with thousands of dollars in repairs. It’s best to avoid this from happening and have a proper window maintenance routine with a professional in your area in place.

Conclusion: Closing Thoughts

Window cleaning is essential for all property owners. It can be hard to put time into cleaning your windows every few months. but it’s worth it to prevent future damage.

Plus if you care about curb appeal, branding, your image, and creating a positive environment, then window cleaning should always be on the top list of your cleaning priorities. If you want a total curb appeal makeover, look into pressure washing and gutter cleaning to maximize your home’s efficiency and aesthetic.