Service Price
Soft House Washing1 $0.22/sq. foot
Interior Gutter Cleaning2 $1.75 – $2.10/linear foot
Exterior Gutter Washing $1.00 – $1.50/linear foot
Window Washing3 $8 - $12/window/side
Flat Surface Pressure Washing $0.25-$0.60/sq. foot
Roof Dark Stain Removal4 $0.25 – $0.70/sq. foot
Awning Cleaning (Top Only) 10’x15′ $399
Awning Cleaning (Full Detail) 10’x15′ $549
Skylight Cleaning $20/skylight
Christmas Light Installation
(Rental, Installation, Take-down
$10.00/linear foot

1 Standard House Washing includes Siding + Exterior Windows + Wood Trim

2  Interior + Exterior Gutter Cleaning Bundle = $3/linear foot. And Additional $150 if you have gutter guards and want us to remove them, clean, and reinstall.

3 Windows vary in pricing depending on the level of grime and debris that have built up over time. If you can barely see much out of your windows, it’s a high chance that it has not been cleaned in years with lots of hard water and grime built up. Windows with screwed in sunscreens can affect pricing as well.

4 We sweep and blow off all leaves and debris on the roof, clean out all the gutters and then spray our roof treatment. There may be dead lichen matter that are white in color, these will get washed off by the rain naturally. The reason we don’t want to agitate them is that their roots are tightly latched onto the shingle roof and need to be dried out from the sun and rinsed off by the rain to not cause any damage. Two yea roof warranty that no dark stains will regrow on your roof.

  • Prices will vary based on access, level of dirtiness, how full gutters are, roof pitch, etc.
  • We offer package pricing with our exterior washing packages to bring you the best value for your money
  • Job minimum size is $250 + 8.25% Texas Sales Tax
  • Additional charges may apply

We do NOT do the following services:

  • Cedar shake roofs as well as non-walkable roof pitches
  • Storm windows
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Jobs that are 4+ Stories high
  • Condo balconies where there is no water hook up
  • Any jobs that run on a water well system or no access to water hookup
  • Cash jobs

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