How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

How often do you notice dirty windows? As an Austin window cleaning company, we can spot dirty windows miles away.

Some people are obsessed with their windows, while others pay no attention to them until it’s time to put their home on the market.

The thing is, windows make up a large percentage of your home and they’re the part of the home that seems to get dirty super fast!

The reason why they seem to get dirty super fast is that glass is clear, and the dirt, dust, grimes, and stains are much easier to see and detect on your windows than say, your vinyl siding.

To make things worse, your windows give your home a nice view of the outdoors connecting you to nature.

But the best part is your windows allow light to penetrate through and give your home lively and vibrant.

If your house didn’t have windows, it’ll feel like you’re living in a box that’s dark and quite lonely.

I think I’ve made myself clear on why windows are important and why you should pay more attention to them and actually get them clean more often.

How often should you clean your windows?

The More Frequent You Clean Your Windows The Better!

There’s really no exact schedule of when you should get your windows cleaned. It really depends on the environment you’re in.

Let’s say your home is located around an area near the lake that gets a lot of wind and new construction being built.

You’re likely going to need more cleanup than a home that’s located in an area that rarely gets any wind, storms, or has construction going on.

Wind And Dirt Make Your Windows Dirtier!

Dirt and sand can be carried by wind and leave a cloudy layer of dust on your windows. Over time as the layer builds on, your windows will look hazy, and hard to blind your view.

Construction Causes Dirt and Paint To Get On Your Windows!

Don’t you just hate the loud noise from construction?

Besides the noise, construction can cause your windows to get extremely dirty and hard to clean.

Construction can get messy can get on your windows over time.

The worse thing to clean on your window because you live near an area that has a lot of construction going on is getting paint on your windows.

If you’ve spotted little white speckles of white dotted paint all over your windows, it’s going to be extremely difficult to clean off.

Some homeowners will try to clean the paint off themselves by using a razor.

The end result is never pretty. The windows are left with scratch marks everywhere.

What We Recommend For How Often Should You Clean Your Windows

For the best maintenance of your windows, we recommend that homeowners get their windows cleaned at least every 3-4 months. Around this time the windows aren’t as dirty and that means less work for the window cleaner, less work for the window cleaner means, the cost will be much less for you.

Most homeowners prefer to clean their windows every year in hope of not spending too much money on window cleaning every 3 months.

If you work with a reputable window cleaning company, they usually have a great plan and fair pricing package for regular window cleaning.

It saves you more money in the long run.

Here’s why:

  • Regular window cleaning prevents your windows from accumulating hard to remove debris. Hard to remove debris can etch its way into your windows over time and become permanent stains.
  • Regular window cleaning prevents organic matter such as algae and mold to build up on and in your windows. Eventually, it will spread and damage the surrounding foundation and even your sidings.
  • Regular window cleaning can help detect damages around your windows so you can assess the damage quickly before it turns into an expensive repair.
  • Regular window cleaning will keep your home vibrant and bright. Layers of dust and debris can make your environment gloomy and dark. If you’re someone who has guests over often, it’s best to make sure your environment and atmosphere is welcoming and inviting for your guests.
  • Water stains can eventually become hard water stains and become permanent stains on your windows.

Here are some more reasons why you should clean your windows more often both inside and outside.

At a minimum, we recommend homeowners get their windows cleaned at least once every six months.

The great thing about cleaning your windows every six months is that it also works well with getting your gutters cleaned twice a year as recommended.

You’ll be able to knock out two birds with one stone.


Don’t wait too long to clean your windows. Waiting too long to clean your windows can cause various problems that will put your home at risk and strip your home of its aesthetic.

In the end not keeping up with your window cleaning can cause your property value to be lowered significantly.

Saving you more money, living a happier life, and taking care of your home is why Full Color Cleaners will continue to serve a superior window cleaning service for our customers!